Chapter 2194 Green Card Cancelled?

In the Teodoro building, Teresa is talking to Wallace and Vera about what is going on at their home.

Vera is already reacting nonconformist, “Back to Victoria? And run the risk of meeting Pamela and being defiled?”

“Thus, her whoredom is completed,” Wallace comments.

“No, we cannot allow that.” Teresa shakes her head, “While Rosemary was in Victoria, living with Grandpa Ray, she never had contact with her mother. And Pamela is living with her current husband, so the chances of contact will be slim.”

“But if she plots…” Vera asks fearfully, “I remember very well how treacherous that damned woman was.”

“Calm down guys, let’s hope Josias—”

Carmen walks into the lobby, “Do you guys have a problem? You're whispering around...”

The radio starts playing, “Overprotected” by Britney Spears.

Teresa and Vera look

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