Chapter 2196 Farewell Without Mentioning Him

Patrick came home from school and didn't feel like preparing lunch. So he decided to take advantage and eat the lunch offered in the canteen.

But when he walked in, he noticed countless tenants applauding Rosemary, who was in their midst, excited and smiling. The radio was playing the song “Gone” by 'N Sync.

Rosemary and Patrick's eyes meet right over the violin part.

Before either of them could say anything, Beto climbed onto a desk and, with a glass of acerola juice, he called out, “Guys, I know this is a sad moment, but I don't feel like crying.” Laughter from the others, “So, I want to say goodbye to my daughter with joy. Rosemary will be greatly missed, but we believe she will return matured and strengthened, overcome by the tragedy!”

Everyone cheers and claps, except Patrick.

Wallace appeared as if by magic, “That's right, Pat.”

“That’s right WHAT?” Patrick is startled.<

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