The Ingenious Liam Price

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The Ingenious Liam Price

By: Wordsmith-H CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Liam is hated by the Brewer family that he works for because he's merely a gardener. He's treated lowly and accused falsely even when he's innocent. His girlfriend ditches him for someone with wealth and his twin sister dies of cardiovascular disease, despite how he suffered to get money for her heart transplant. Little does Liam know his life is bound to take a sudden turn on the day he buries his sister. He contemplates suicide until someone shows up and reveals his unexpected inheritance to him, something which makes him one of the richest man alive.

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  • Wordsmith-H


    Apologies to my readers, I uploaded chapter 110 twice just a few hours ago without having any idea. I just noticed my mistake and re-uploaded the exact chapter 111.

    2023-08-01 03:39:22
  • vladkanyembo


    Good book I love it

    2023-07-21 00:20:16
  • Davis


    chapter 61 to 71 gives me emotions I can't explain,, feels like a movie story just gets better as u dive in deep. More updates pls

    2023-07-01 03:33:19
  • Nengi_Christian


    Loving this story so so much! I love the new take on the urban genre. Liam's got a personality I need to see more of. Stellar writing on the author's part too ... more updates please!

    2023-06-17 14:23:48
  • Davis


    An intriguing read, keeps you on your toes. A different kind of urban story that hooks from the beginning. Not only is it face slapping but also actioned packed, full of twists and surpsises. Highly recommendable. the author outdid himself on this one.

    2023-06-11 22:38:53
  • BrewingFantasies


    Loved how differently it opens compared to the usual cliches. The shopping scene seems eternally practiced by authors, but loved how the slight deviation is created by the end of chapter. Gibson is totally a comedic character for a lighter atmosphere.

    2023-06-07 06:29:18
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189 chapters
1: Ill-stinking Luck
"Ha! Fifty bucks and you think you can lecture me?" sneered sixteen-year-old Daisy as she dangled the rope out the window. Liam interrupted her, "It's not right. You should be focusing on your studies, not sneaking around." He grabbed the rope she had left behind and pulled it inside. "What if your parents find out? You have a curfew." Daisy rolled her eyes, "Who cares about being right? Just help me down or I'll tell everyone you tried to harass me." She grinned as she crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm sure my dad would love to press charges for juvenile abuse." Liam was trapped. He couldn't say no or risk his reputation. "You're blackmailing me, Daisy. That's low."She just shrugged, "You're just a lowly gardener. Do you really want me to ruin your life?"He gritted his teeth in frustration. She was right. He had no choice but to meet her demands."Now, here's fifty dollars to keep your mouth shut," Daisy slipped the money into his pocket, "and stay in my bed with the sheets
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2: Sad Reality
"Her medications are futile as I speak because her heart condition has grown worse from drug abuse," Doctor Beistein informed Liam.Liam didn't know how to handle this, it was like a stab in his gut because he worked so hard to get the drugs for Emily every month and now her body was failing along with her heart."She didn't just have a cardiac arrest last night, she also had a stroke. A heart transplant needs to be carried out so hers can be replaced with a healthy one from an organ donor," the doctor provided whilst observing Liam whose eyes nearly pulled out of their sockets in absolute shock."Are you.." Liam paused to gulp because the words felt heavy in his throat that was thick and clogged with a lump, "trying to imply that there's no way out of this except a heart transplant?""You're not wrong, Liam. Emily needs a healthy heart as quickly as possible," Doctor Beistein just sighed and shook his head at the man in front of him, "I can't even guarantee the number of days she'd s
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3: Tricked Twice
"Chloe!" Bang, bang, bang.There was a heavy downpour as Liam pounded his fist on his girlfriend's door. He had been knocking for the past ten minutes but there was no response from her. He could have assumed she wasn't inside but the light showing through the small opening of her window indicated that she was home."Chloe, dear, I have nowhere to go. I need your help." He knocked some more and gritted his teeth from the pain he felt in his knuckles. Chloe jerked the door open and glared daggers at him. She seemed to be dressed extravagantly more than she did yesterday."What do you want here, Liam?" Chloe couldn't hide the contempt in her voice. "I came to see you," Liam said gently. When he saw the person he loved appear at the door, all his wounds seemed to stop hurting. "Now you have," Chloe curled her head aside and made to shut the door in his face when he put his hand on it, to refrain her from closing it."Let go," she struggled to push him away but he was stronger than her
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4: Found At Last
Liam let out all the pent-up frustration in him through tears. He wept bitterly as he stared at the doctor rolling the stretcher and taking his dead twin to the morgue.He couldn't believe Emily was dead, after the way she had suffered for years. She was very kind-hearted and cared about him a lot. Put her feelings before his. She was the only human who didn't resent him and now she was gone because he was incapable of raising the money for her heart transplant.Liam felt his knees give out underneath him as he bawled, not even paying any attention to the people who walked by and cast him weird and pitiful glances.Liam buried Emily the following evening. There was no point letting her stay in the morgue, it reminded him of how impecunious he was. If he had money like men of his age, Emily wouldn't have died. Neither would he have been tricked the entire time, when he should have been by Emily's side and watching her take her last breath. To think she had died alone in her ward was he
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5: A Billionaire Overnight (I)
Liam let out a sigh as he rolled to the other side of the bed. He couldn't remember enjoying sleep that much. It was as if he was floating on the cosmos because the bed was so big, wide, and comforting to his nerves.The rays of the sunlight flashed in through the window, and it made Liam's eyes flickered open, before widening them in absolute confusion because he didn't know how he got there.He was on a king-sized bed with fluffy pillows that were rendering some sort of comfort to his body. But he had a migraine which he had sustained the previous night.Liam's jaw dropped and he blinked thrice upon taking his first view of the room which was absolutely magnificent in description.It was a superior room. Even bigger than his cramped apartment, combining his room, restroom, kitchen, and balcony.The ceiling was coved. The first two high walls were painted with white and gold, and the second walls were jaw-droppingly made of glass that Liam could see the outside view and came to reali
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6: A Billionaire Overnight (II)
Liam drew in a deep breath at this, because everything was starting to align. His mother made both he and Emily suffer because she didn't want them to be taken away from her by the wealthiest man in Texas. But she was selfish and insensitive on the contrary, because she was fed up with life and committed suicide without telling him and his sister about their real identity.Liam couldn't believe his real father was Brandon Price. It was just insane."How did you even find me?" Liam queried with his eyes lowered in curiosity."You were running out of an employee’s house just yesterday evening. It was there I saw you, I couldn’t even believe it. I then did my own findings about your from the servants and was told you worked as a gardener," Gibson informed him.Liam clenched his jaw and nodded."So this father, you said he's dead?""Yes. He was on his sick bed when he implored me to find you and your twin. He left a private will with me. Specially meant for you and your sister as
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7: When The Tables Are Turned (I)
A few hours later, Gibson took Liam to the bank which turned out to be Liam's bank as well. The bank manager was a bit confused to see the poor ragged boy and the butler from the wealthiest family known in the world."Does he work for you? I can recall him coming to me for a loan two days ago," the bank manager asked Gibson, referring to Liam who was seated on the couch behind them."He came to you for a loan?" Gibson was puzzled."Yes, yet the bank couldn't help because he doesn't have any collateral. You're here to help him out?" The bank manager lowered his glasses to the bridge of his nose and looked at Liam once more."Actually, no. He's my master. The first son of Brandon Price and we're here because he needs a black credit card to access the billions his late father saved in his account,” Gibson announced with utter confidence.Liam chuckled to himself at the moment bank manager paled. Something which happened because he heard what Gibson said."He's Mr. Price's son?" Disbelief
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8: When The Tables Are Turned (II)
"You should come sometime later after he's done with his shopping," the boutique manager told Chloe."What in the seven hells is wrong with you and this freaking place!?" Chloe bellowed at the top of her lungs.People were already staring at her as if she had gone mad. Meanwhile, Liam had his hands in his pockets, taking casual steps toward the scene. And Gibson was right behind him."Ma'am, you're causing a scene. We don't want anyone inconveniencing our VIP.."The manager didn't finish with this explanation when Chloe lunged at him with clenched fists, but Valante held her back."Let me go!" Chloe was struggling to break free when she immediately halted as if she saw the face of Medusa and got stilled like a stone."You?" She scoffed to herself and then disengaged herself from Valante's grip, "I can't believe you followed me all the way down here, stalker that much?""Believe me when I say I had no idea that I'd run into you and your boyfriend, Chloe," Liam scratched the back of his
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9: Testing The Heir
It was raining when Gibson pulled up in front of a large mansion.And Liam turned to Gibson with a knowing look on his face."Let me guess, this is also one of my belongings?""You're right, sir," Gibson unlocked the gates before driving in and stopping at the garage that had roughly a hundred cars."The cars?" Liam blurted out, trying to keep his breath in check."All yours. Your father started buying them ten years ago. He said you were fifteen and old enough to drive. He had high hopes that you and your sister would find him."Liam nodded and stayed silent. He just bought a suit for $3,000,000, why would the cars freak him out? Gibson unlocked the car door and then stepped outside with a black umbrella.Liam hopped out of the car and let Gibson take him into the house. At first, he wanted to hold the umbrella so they could fit in, but then realization slammed through his senses that he was now a boss so he ought to behave like one."You need to know what they're like before you rev
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10: Unexpected Son, Half Brother
The next morning Liam took enough time to groom himself to perfection, as he was to go meet with his father's family. He knew he had to prepare as they weren't just his father's family, these people were strangers. There were high chances of him getting despised.It seemed as though he was about to step into the Lion's den even though they were just humans like him.Gibson drove him to the family mansion that morning, the place Charlotte Price lived with her kids.And when Liam got in, they were already in the large sitting room waiting for his arrival. "Good day everyone, I have come with Master Price's son as I promised," Gibson announced, and immediately heads snapped in Liam's direction to take a proper look at him.Jaws dropping, eyes blinking unsteadily and even a spoon falling from the mouth of the youngest in their midst. They were way too stunned to see him look exactly like the younger version of Brandon Price.His stepmother who appeared younger than her age, his three step
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