Chapter 2261 Confessions and Admissions

Daryl and Diane were excited about Josias’s visit to the hospital. They were sure they were loved and respected.

But at the sight of Tiago Bento, their smiles faded like thin air.

“What is it, Mountains?” Tiago asks wryly, “Didn’t you expect to see me?”

“I didn’t expect to be murdered today!” Daryl screams.

“Calm down, dear.” Diane holds him. It looked like Daryl wanted to get out of the hospital bed despite the fractures.

Josias continues with a straight face, “Daryl, I came to see how you are doing. Unfortunately, while I was made aware of the shameful fight, I was also made aware of other things I didn’t like.”

Daryl decides to stay defensive, “Like for example?”

Josias sits in the visitors’ seat, “I found that the approach of Gabriela Alves was purely purposeful and meticulously planned down to the last detail, and never to make me happy, but rather of defeating Katherine in a ridiculous feud that certain ladies had against her.”

Diane narrows her eyes, “What do you mean, Josias?”
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