Chapter 2262 What Will Be the Fate of the Mountains?

Josias was so upset with Daryl that he had forgotten the ‘Melissa + Kelvin’ detail.

He finally responds honestly to Beto, “Buddy, my will is to have the entire Mountain family wiped off the face of the Earth. Tiago would fulfill this mission with a smile on his face. But I don’t know. Melissa cannot be affected by this.”

Teresa scratches the back of her head, “So when she wanted to take the blame in the year 2000...”

“She was telling the truth.” Josias adds, hurt, “But she was taking all the blame herself. When in reality, the mastermind of this plan was Daryl, along with his wife who preferred something like that instead of telling me what Kate had done.”

Beto begins to reason with Josias, “You wouldn’t have believed Diane, Josias. Especially in 1999, you were pretty blind, believing that it was Cláudio Guzman who was seducing her.”

Josias buries his hands in his head, “Argh! I know, I admit it! But did they need to have done that sensationalist article? Look at the sequence of event
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