Chapter 2264 The Elders Ask For Forgiveness

Carmen and James show up at the Teodoro building to say goodbye.

“Guys, we need to go away for a while.” Carmen announces, “Tiago fears for our safety.”

Teresa and Vera are stunned.

“Who threatened you... ‘they’?” Vera asks in a whisper.

Carmen looks to the corner of the lobby and sees James saying goodbye to Pedro, Henrique, and Alan.

Then she faces the adults and confesses, “Tiago feels there will be war when Josias makes certain decisions involving the Mountain family.”

Beto is surprised, “Oh, my... He’s going to snatch Melissa back, is he?”

Carmen is suspicious, “Something like that, we’re not sure yet.”

Wallace is next to ask, “But would they be able to contest something like that? After everything my mother told me, Kelvin doesn’t deserve to be her husband!”

“And I’ll never forget Everaldo&r

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