Chapter 2265 Hazy Farewell

A few days passed. Josias organized a farewell party for Carmen and James at his mansion.

Thus, all friends and acquaintances were able to say goodbye properly to them.

However, only Isabel, Francisco, and Rodrigo were invited among the Mountain family.

“Carmen, we’ll miss you.” Isabel hugs her.

“It’s only for a while.” Carmen responds, “You know why, right?”

Isabel gets a somber face, “There’s a conversation going on between them. Daryl is not happy with the way things are going.”

“But what right does he have to like or dislike?” Carmen asks, crossing her arms, “Guys, so much have happened since 1999 that I can’t tell the story from the beginning.”

“Anyway, protect yourself and protect your greatest asset, James.” Isabel winks, “One of these days, I’ll visit Victoria to chat with Cristina.”


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