Chapter 2273 Bernardo Withdraws

Daryl, concerned about the situation ahead, has called his family to discuss what is happening. Everyone gathered in the penthouse.

In the living room, he starts the conversation, sitting in the armchair, “Guys, I tried to ask Sergeant Moraes for a thorough investigation, but as expected, his hands are tied and he didn’t want to investigate the vandalism of our restaurant.”

Isabel frowns, “Daryl, don’t you think it’s a bit late to ask for something like that?”

“It is never too late to ask for justice.” Daryl says, “But the sergeant—”

Francisco takes the floor, “Izzy and I visited Josias, nephew. He suggested that the Bento family was responsible for the restaurant’s power outage.”

Everyone is quiet for a few seconds.

Bernardo and Maggie look at each other meaningfully.

Daryl is more annoyed, “If we’re being bullied, it’s because we can’t delay the inevitable any longer.”

Rodrigo is impatient, “Daryl, we lost Josias’s favor and protection, and you want to fight instead of acknowledging
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