Aaron Winchester : Back To Throne

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Aaron Winchester : Back To Throne

By: SHIROE Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Being dumped when his wife had a high position and was underestimated by many people. Aaron didn't think it was a hardship for him. Because they didn't know about him, he was the one who helped his ex-wife in times of trouble, and he was the most honourable person. When they find out, they will be speechless because they won't be able to reach him again.

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  • Sugar Spicy


    It was nice coming across this book.Keep it up.I love the story line

    2024-03-01 03:58:11
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Chapter 1
"Zara." Aaron widened his eyes perfectly. "What are you doing?"Aaron was shocked to see his wife, Zara Campbell, kissing with another man right before his eyes. He had just sold the cupboard he had made at the behest of his mother-in-law.Aaron's chest rumbled with anger and pain. The temperature all over his body heated up at the look on the face of the woman, who looked casual at his shocked arrival. How could Zara's expression look relaxed in front of Aaron after hugging another man?However, the woman instead looked at Aaron with a condescending look. "Can't you see? I was kissing Jhony.""Why are you kissing him? Are you out of your mind to do that? You're my wife, Zara." Aaron's tone was soft. He looked at Jhony with hatred. "And you, are a shameless man. Hugging a married woman."Hearing that, Jhony only responded with a satisfied grin. On purpose, Jhony even wrapped his arms around Zara's waist to provoke Aaron's anger."Outrageous." He clenched his hands at his sides while s
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Chapter 2
Someone had just gotten off the plane. Her long legs slowly descended the stairs. She exhaled a small breath as she looked around. "This city is so small."Another person waiting for her greeted and politely approached her, bowing halfway respectfully. "Welcome, Miss Violet."The woman who had just exited the plane glanced up from behind her sunglasses and nodded. She was Violet Ryder. She had wavy blonde hair with white, well-groomed skin. The neatly dressed man in a black suit who greeted her earlier was a waiter named Olson.Violet took off her sunglasses and put them in a small white tote bag with three pearls on the buttonhole. "So he's been living here all this time?"Olson nodded respectfully. "That's right, Miss. This place is on the southeast side and quite far from the center, Miss."Violet and Olson were currently in Mahataran City, a small town on the southeast side. Violet was from Austar, the largest kingdom and city on the eastern continent.Violet exhaled again at Olso
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Chapter 3
"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long, Prince." Violet approached Aaron after just changing her clothes.Violet was wearing a white shirt with a knee-length black span skirt. Her body no longer felt cold because she had cleaned herself briefly using warm water. Although she felt guilty for making Aaron wait too long.They were in a large house with luxurious decorations in every corner. Aaron sat on a large sofa with a cup of hot coffee on the table and a thick white towel wrapped around his shoulders. Her hair, which was starting to dry after a little rain, was still messy.Aaron rubbed his hair as he took the towel and held it. "So, what did you come here for?"Violet sat down slowly in a polite manner, facing Aaron. "Our purpose in seeking you out here is to ask you to return to Austar to be heir to the throne, Prince."Aaron looked at Violet with a cold glare in his eyes. "Heir to the throne? He needs me?"Violet nodded her head. "Yes, Prince." She spoke quietly and carefull
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Chapter 4
A lavish party was in progress. It was a party thrown by Mr. Thane to celebrate the 70th birthday of the Wood family, a family famous in Mahataran city as the 4 dragons guarding Mahataran City. Of course, the people present there were not random people. Those present were people from respected and honorable families. A woman in an ankle-length maroon dress that accentuated her upper body was smiling happily, clinging to a man's arm in a matching suit. "Thank you, Jhony. For bringing me to such a luxurious party.""I'm also very grateful to you, my future son-in-law." Rozie, who was also invited by Jhony, expressed her pleasure. "Because of you, we can be in this place and make people who know us jealous."Jhony smiled at the compliments from Zara and Rozie. He stroked the back of Zara's hand on his arm. "Of course, you deserve to be at this party with me."Rozie looked happy. If only she could bring her cell phone to this party. Unfortunately, this party was private. Those who could
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Chapter 5
"What really happened?" Zara and a few others were asking the same question as Jhony.They were shocked by what Mr. Thane had just done in front of Aaron. All the invited guests knew very well how the Wood family was, a respected family that was highly respected by everyone. But Mr. Thane was respectful to a man whom not many knew. Mr. Thane raised his face again and looked at Aaron. He saw Aaron, who gave a code wink with a hand gesture that signaled that Aaron didn't want Mr. Thane to say anything about Aaron's true identity.Mr. Thane understood. He nodded slowly while holding the pen in his hand. "Thank you, prince, for coming to my very humble birthday."Mr. Thane looked delighted to receive the gift. Everyone there was surprised at Mr. Thane's seemingly respectful attitude towards Aaron. "Why is Mr. Thane being respectful to him?" That's what most people questioned.Mr. Thane could immediately tell Aaron's status from the gold engraving of the dragon crest on the tip of the pen
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Chapter 6
People who heard about it started speculating about it. "Apparently, they do have a relationship. That guy is definitely not a random guy.""Yes, he must also come from a respectable family. No wonder Lord Thane respects him" said another guest. They were talking with admiration. How could they not? The couple looked good together.However, it made Zara feel annoyed. She glared at Violet with her hands folded arrogantly. Zara looked at Violet sarcastically. "You should have found out about that guy first. He's nothing more than a useless man."Elegantly, Violet replied to Zara's words. "What do you mean? which guy are you talking about? I don't find any flaws in Aaron." Violet looked at Aaron with eyes that searched every inch of the man's face. "He's handsome, charismatic, reliable, and just plain awesome."The people there exclaimed in admiration. "If Miss Violet says so, it must be true. It's not strange that Miss Violet is side by side with him. They are indeed a perfect match."T
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Chapter 7
"Let go!" Zara threw her hands together with a slight push from the security guard dragging her out of the party building. "You guys have gone too far. You'll see. You'll pay for it."The guards let them go by slightly pushing their bodies away. Rozie winced in pain as the bracelet on her wrist pinched her skin. "Can't you guys be nice? That's rude. It's unethical.""Leave and don't try to come near this building again. You don't belong here. Disgraceful people." The officers waltzed away after belittling the three people in a loud voice. The guarding became tighter with the addition of security personnel near the entrance.Rozie raised her hand, pointing at the officers. "You're really heartless people. Can't you be gentle? You treat us like trash. What a shame!"Rozie held her sore arm. "Ah, they were really rude, hurting my hand." She clutched her bracelet frantically. "Oh, no. Look, my expensive bracelet is ruined because of them."Her jaw hardened as she stared into the distance
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Chapter 8
Aaron was eating his breakfast quietly—toast with salad and fruit juice made by Olson. Today, Violet didn't join Aaron for breakfast. Early in the morning, Violet had left to take care of something outside.Violet's appearance in Mahataran City was unknown to anyone, and no one knew if it was to meet with Aaron. The woman had spread false information that she would take care of a new business development here so that no one would suspect her of meeting the royal heir.After breakfast, Aaron looked at the morning scenery on his veranda while enjoying hot coffee. Aaron paused for a moment, then looked at Olson behind him.Olson immediately rushed over to Aaron with a respectful bow. "Is there anything I can do for you, Prince?""Prepare a car for me." Aaron placed his coffee cup on the table. "I want to go to the company to see how things are going."Just staying at home made his body a little uncomfortable. Being outside seemed to be a breath of fresh air,Olson nodded. "Yes, Prince. I
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Chapter 9
Aaron is a hard worker. He always takes his work seriously. That's why he has many skills. When he chose to be a cabinetmaker, he did well.He always made cabinets with details and also with suitable materials. That's why Rozie was often angry with her because the profit they received was negligible. She would talk about the many needs, such as buying groceries, housing Aaron here, or shopping.The cupboard Aaron made once sold for a thousand dollars. It was a decent price, even though it wasn't satisfying for Aaron. He asked Rozie to be patient because he had to organize the next sale. But the woman was impatient, so Aaron was forced to sell his cupboard. After the successful sale and he gave the money to Rozie, the woman would return to insult him, cursing and asking for more."I'll teach you a lesson!" This man in front of him was one of the problems Aaron often faced when he was in the life of a son-in-law.Because his cabinets were of good quality and sold more often than cabinet
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Chapter 10
The two black-clothed people who had stopped traveling earlier looked at each other. They had the duty to guard this place. Based on that duty, they could naturally take precautions. Especially there was an important meeting happening in this place. The meeting had many guests of high-status people. Given that the two people were unwilling to take the consequences, they might as well not work here."Sir, everyone who is in this place has an invitation. So you can't enter this place." a guard with a slightly shorter body than the other men spoke. He looked at Aaron and wanted the man to understand his words.Violet had set up the meeting in the company building to emphasize that she was serious about the business she would conduct, and she had not invited only a few people to reinforce what she wanted. So, the suspicions about her possibly meeting with their prince were not known by others, and her status as a secretary was also not known. Those in the kingdom of Austar knew her bet
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