Chapter 2275 Having Lunch on Enemy Ground

Josias talks to Tiago while having lunch at Crystal Blue.

“Can you believe that Sergeant Moraes showed up in my office wanting to talk about the vandalism of this restaurant?” Josias asks with a puzzled face as he cuts the grilled salmon.

Tiago shakes his head, “Master, the sergeant has always been against you. He will most likely support the Mountain family in this war and only investigate our side.”

“This cannot happen.” Josias shakes his head, “The commissioner will notice the predilection and will scold him. And he doesn’t want anyone to bother us.”

“We’re not doing too much, right?” Tiago wryly asks, “We just want Melissa back as the Lady of Lagoon City. Why can’t Daryl understand that Melissa is yours?”

Josias sighs, “I can imagine how she’s feeling. Daryl has probably already told Kelvin, and the imbecile might be freaking out, emotionally blackmailing Melissa, using the twins as a guilt trap, or even marital rape...”

Josias grips the wine glass so tightly that Tiago holds him,
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