Chapter 2276 How to Conquer a Mademoiselle

Josias takes out his electronic organizer and starts checking his appointments for the afternoon.

Cláudio doesn’t give up, “You mean Gabriela Alves moved out of town by ‘coincidence’, huh? Now a blond gorilla lives in her place.”

“If you were interested in the gorilla—”

“GET OUT!” Claudio gets outraged, “People are saying I’m sleeping with Miss Lafayette. Don’t let the rumor die, idiot!”

Josias frowns, staring at the electronic organizer, “Don’t you have a job to look for, Claudio?”

“I already have a job!” Cláudio asserts, “I’m a warehouse supervisor at Lafayette Supermarket. What, did your informants make you out of date?”

Josias finally raises his head, “They didn’t inform me as I asked Jacques Lafayette for your resignation.”

“And will you hire me as a mason?” Claudio laughs bitterly, “Josias, you don’t have the power to demand such a thing. Who do you think you are? Is that what you want to leave as an example for your children?”

“Leave my children out of this meaningless conversa
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