Chapter 2283 Nadia Makes Her Choice

At Café Montanha, Daryl is irritated by the unusual result of the conversation he had with Josias. He approached the counter.

“Can I get you some chamomile tea, Daryl?” Isabel asks gently.

“Please, Isabel.” Daryl sits on the barstool, “I’m ruined.”

Francisco is worried, “What happened?”

“I visited Josias in an attempt to make amends.” Daryl responds, frowning.

“Oh, what good news!” Francisco vibrates.

“You assume that Josias accepted, eh, Uncle?” Daryl retorts bitterly.

Rodrigo swallows hard, “He didn’t accept?”

“No.” Daryl huffs, “He insists on getting Melissa back, no matter how much it hurts Kelvin and the twins.”

Wallace chimes in, “Daryl, remember that Josias always loved Melissa, and she—”

“And she loves my little brother!” Daryl punches the

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