Chapter 2296 When Will Things Get Better?

Josias remembers that Teresa asked him to say that Rosemary’s abortion was false news.

“Ah, yes... How could I pass up such a slur? Rosemary got depressed in Victoria.”

Beto nods, “Looks like my little princess was really upset. She went to Paris with Carmen and Caroline to hide from bad publicity. But she didn’t know that I ended up passing out, which is why she didn’t come to visit me.”

The others just stare at each other, confused.

Beto continues to speak, “But thinking about it, I even prefer Rose to have stayed in Paris. Why does she want to come here just to cry about my near death? I didn’t die, and I’m better. I don’t want my daughter interrupting her life because of her old dad.”

Octavio interjects, “It’s not like that, Beto. You have suffered a cardiac arrest. We were all pretty worried.”

“Okay, I know you were worried. But imagine if Rosemary left the comfort of Paris just to see me. I didn’t die, so her trip would be in vain. Airfare isn’t that cheap... and then, if she sh
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