Chapter 2304 Mountain Family Gathering II

The next day, Daryl gathered the Mountain family together to discuss the urgent matter. Everyone interested was in sofas. Daryl kept his foot in a cast, sitting in the armchair.

“I think I should buy a new armchair.” He suggests through clenched teeth.

“Daryl, we’re all here.” Bernardo says, “What happened this time?”

“Turns out, family, that Melissa moved out of Kelvin’s apartment. She probably came here.”

Everyone is stunned by the information.

“Daryl...” Maggie feels her voice shaky, “Kelvin didn’t call me.”

“He didn’t say anything to me either,” Francisco says.

“Well, he’s probably too embarrassed to admit defeat.” Daryl asserts with a frown, “How sorry I am to be in this situation. My little brother is in pain and needs comforting.”

“Did he tell you why?” Isabel asks, worried.

“No, he doesn’t know.” Daryl responds, “Melissa left with just cash and a few credit cards. Clothes, jewelry, the twins, all that was left behind.”

“The twins too?” Rodrigo is startled.

“Exactly.” Daryl nod
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