Chapter 2312 Who Was the Anonymous Sender?

In Daryl’s office at Crystal Blue, Daryl is taken aback by Josias’s proposal.

“Are you serious, Josias? First, you symbolically kidnap my sister-in-law, and after my brother has suffered hell, you decide to ‘give her back’, but not without demanding something first?”

Josias stares at Daryl seriously, “I didn’t kidnap Melissa. She showed up at my mansion of her own free will. And another thing, Daryl: you know this Victoria franchise was a mistake. I don’t know all the details, but I do know that Kelvin and Melissa’s marriage has been affected. Kelvin wasn’t prepared to take over a restaurant all to himself. He neglected Caroline, and would likely neglect the twins when they need a father figure at the time. So if Kelvin goes back to Lagoon City, goes back to his old job, and goes back to being the kind guy I knew... Then I would be willing to let Melissa go back to him if she wants to.”

Daryl faces Josias with the precision of a surgeon. He is surprised, “You are quite serious...”

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