Chapter 2320 Dora Has a Point
The next day, Josias is having breakfast with his family in the dining room.

Mary asks, “Mummy, when are we going home?”

Melissa smiles patiently, “We’re not going back to Victoria. We’re going to live here now with Josias and Alan.”

“What about Daddy?”

“Dad will stay in Victoria, taking care of the restaurant.”

“OK.” Mary smiles as she chooses pancakes with lots of caramel.

“I like this house, Mr. Rocha,” Ignacio speaks respectfully.

“You can call me Josias, Ignacio.” Josias comments kindly.

“Ignacio’s nickname is ‘Nacho’, right?” Alan asks between giggles.

Ignacio shrugs, not knowing how to respond. It’s a fact that many are calling him that.

Josias turns to Alan, “Son, how was the party yesterday? Did you have fun?”

Alan smiles wryly, “I think the question you want to ask is, have I behaved decently? Yes, Father, I managed to hold Reuben and Pedro.”

Melissa winks, “The question was if YOU behaved, son. We aren’t talking about Pedro or Reuben.”

Alan sighs, “Well... I met
Anderson José

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