Chapter 2325 Sinister Declaration of Love

Ivan drives Lorraine to work in his police car, to intimidate everyone against provoking his wife. Lorraine is very elegant in her beige suit and thanks his husband for the ride.

“Honey, how did end that thing about Will Campos burying Daryl Mountain alive in the beach sand? I imagine the restaurant owner got a little tan in his head...” Lorraine holds back a laugh.

Ivan frets, “Don’t laugh at such a thing, darling. The man could have died of sunstroke. What if Will Campos walked away, leaving the poor man behind, to be drowned by the tide as it came in?”

“Wow, how much morbidity!” Lorraine smiles and kisses her husband on the cheek, “I don’t think my boss would be capable of that much. I think he really just wanted to scare Daryl Mountain.”

“Because of Melissa Mountain’s nightmares. What a preposterous reason, folks!” Ivan punches the steering wheel of the car.

“OK honey, I have work to do. Shall we talk more at dinner... or can we meet at Crystal Blue?”

“We’re going to lunch at Crys
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