Chapter 2324 The Best Strategy

A few days passed. Daryl continued to plot the best strategy to defeat William. In the Mountain Penthouse, Diane and Felipe noticed the thoughtful and mysterious owner of the home.

“Father, why are you so distant?” Felipe asks suddenly, patting his adoptive father’s hand.

Daryl definitely doesn’t want to involve his son in the intrigues, “Ehr... it’s no big deal, Felipe. Keep calm.”

“I’m very involved in the activities of the restaurant.” Felipe says, “But I remain attentive to what happens in my family.”

“I would rather you focus on the restaurant, son.” Daryl smiles.

“OK. I need to go.” Felipe finishes eating his toast with honey and stands up, looking meaningfully at his adoptive mother.

Diane catches his eye and takes advantage of being alone in the dining room, “Man, now you can tell your wife.”

“I was thinking of asking Felipe to get his driver’s license.” Daryl smiles, “And get him a car for his 18th birthday.”

“Oh, Daryl, this is awesome!” Diane exults, “So you want to surpris
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