The Charismatic Return Of Adair Huxley

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The Charismatic Return Of Adair Huxley

By: Little Goddess CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Having lost his memory, he was found by a couple who took him in as their child. However, years later, they died, leaving their young daughter to be taken care of by him. A young lady from a prestigious family fell in love with him and married him. As a result, she was kicked out of her family. The trio were looked down on by a lot of people, humiliated several times until he met someone from his past and his memories returned. He was the unparalleled commander of the Dark Forces, a thousand year old vampire who had built up the city around him, the strongest man alive. He was Adair Huxley, and he was second to none! And he has only one rule: No one is allowed to make my wife and younger sister cry. However, threats from the unknown set themselves to err the rule.

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    In love with the storylines. I sympathize with Adair's kid sis. I love this book.

    2023-06-07 20:09:59
  • Little Goddess


    Dear readers, there was a little mixup with the chapters labelled 58 to 62. I labelled them for a reason. Please, refrain from unlocking the chapters until I rectify the issue. I'll inform you when my editor approves it. Until then, please, don't unlock them. Thank you and hope you enjoy my book.

    2023-05-01 07:46:42
  • Sage Athalar


    Love the storyline

    2023-04-29 04:08:50
  • Jadiam Golden


    I love Adair's protectiveness towards his wife. Waiting for more updates author...

    2023-04-11 04:18:05


    I won't say much, but just know that you're missing out, if you ain't reading this novel. Brilliant storyline, author, you truly are a little goddess.

    2023-07-09 06:56:52
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Meeting A Strange Woman
Walking into the hospital in his cheap clothes, Adair didn’t fail to notice the people around him wince in disgust. But he was used to it so he just ignored them. He quickly walked towards a secluded part of the hospital. Upon seeing a figure curled up there, a deep frown found its way to his face. Why was his weak sister here instead of the hospital ward he had left her in before going to get food for them. "Why are you not in the ward? Who put you here?!" He asked, his eyes darkening while he leaned down and took her into his arms. "The doctor… he brought me here." She said innocently.Biting back his surging emotions, Adair lifted her up and walked back to the ward when he was stopped by a doctor."Oh, it’s you, the street rat. Take your half-dead sister and fuck off! Don’t waste my time.”Dr. Hayes sneered impatiently and stepped back. He didn’t want dirty children to ruin his new white coat.“Without money, why waste a bed? Just rot away.” He murmured loudly, with obvious dis
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A lot? Adair thought it was ridiculous. How could one have a lot of sisters?Even if there was really someone who had a lot of sisters, he should've heard about it somehow. The woman who had been looking at him the whole time took out her phone and moved closer to him. "Let's add each other."Adair exited his messaging app and went ahead to add her. Seconds later, he saw a notification and realized he had been added to a group. Sister: Let's welcome Adair back. The group which had been silent earlier suddenly got flooded with numerous messages. FieryHeart: You're welcome, Adair. You can come to me in the future if you face any difficulty. ShinyDiamond: You're welcome, Adair. You are also free to come to me if you face any difficulty in the future. Similar messages also dropped. There were so many that he couldn't stop trying to read them but before he left his messaging app, he realized 90 percent of the group members were women. "You're free to come to us if you face any diffi
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The Vampire King Is Back
The stillness in the room remained with Eddie still having his head bent all the way down. Dr. Hayes didn't dare to breathe too fast. Just then, a second generation heir walked out of the elevator. Dr. Hayes' eyes widened like he suddenly realized something. "I think you got the wrong person, Mr. Morton. You made a mistake. The special guest who visited isn't a female but a male. This right here is—" A crisp sound sounded then an even more eerie silence took place. Dr. Hayes opened his eyes wide in surprise. Glancing between the second generation heir and Sister, he couldn't believe Eddie made such a mistake but in order not to get slapped again, he kept silent. Eddie on the other hand, felt his heart in his mouth as he quickly bowed again. Here he was trying to clean up the mess Dr. Hayes had done as quietly as possible but the stupid man didn't seem to know when to talk and when not to. "Please forgive my negligence. I'll deal with this matter as soon as possible." Eddie said,
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I'm Adair Huxley
Halsey's eyes fluttered open. She expected to feel the excruciating pain inside her head as usual but to her surprise, she felt fine. Even healthy. She had fallen asleep in the middle of an argument between her brother and the corridor filled with people picking on them. Although she knew there wasn't much she could do, she still felt she could've been supportive by staying awake. Being sucked into her world of self-pity that she failed to notice she was on an extremely comfortable bed and the room's temperature was just right. Even the monitor above her head which kept beeping every second should've told her she was in a hospital ward. "Halsey?" Adair, who had been thinking about his life all morning, called out to her the moment he sensed she was awake. She gave no reply as she hadn't heard. Hence, he got up and walked towards her. Extending a finger, he touched her neck to feel her temperature. His cold finger transported her back to the hospital ward. "Adair?" She called wea
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Your Trashy Husband Will Apologize To Me
Sister dipped her hand into her pocket and took out a black card. "I've been carrying it with me for three years with hopes that I'll give it to you soon. I'm glad I was able to." Adair collected the card and slipped it into his pocket without looking at it. He was no longer the poor Adair Huxley who would awe whenever he saw a luxurious car. As impossible as it sounded, the present Adair could have anything and everything he wants."I promised Halsey she'll eat her favourite foods once she wakes up. I should go." He said, intending to walk away when Sister appeared in front of him. "You don't need to stress yourself. I can have people deliver trays of food to her room. Aren't you curious to see what I've done with the wealth and power you entrusted into my care?" She asked in an unhurried tone. "You've done well with it obviously. So much that 300 million dollars doesn't seem like a lot." Adair chuckled. Colour slowly crept onto Sister's face, but she turned it away before he co
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Apologize For Disrespecting My Wife
Collette had a conflicted look on her face when she heard Mason. She knew he'd really order his men to beat up Adair if Adair didn't do as he said. "My husband acted without thinking. I apologize on his behalf." She apologized, her eyes meeting with Mason's haughty eyes. However, Mason drew back his chair and sat on it, then he waved at the highly trained bodyguards he always walked around with. "Break his legs, but don't hurt the girl." He instructed and the three of them advanced towards Adair. From a glance, one could tell it wasn't their first time doing something like this. They were also eager because they knew satisfying Mason means a raise in their salaries. Without much thought, they advanced towards the lanky Adair. The one in front carelessly reached out to grab Adair, but had his hand grabbed instead. He struggled to release his hand for a few seconds, but realized he couldn't. The veins on his neck bulged when he saw his hand bend to the wrong direction, breaking i
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Meeting A Cousin in-law
"You're out of your mind if you think I'll ever apologize to you or your wretched wife!" Mason kept yelling, he refused to believe Steven would side with a person like Adair. Adair suddenly recalled Halsey who was still in the hospital and frowned. He still had to go to the delivery company he worked for. With that thought in mind, he decided to let Steven handle the situation. "He has two minutes to apologize to my wife." Adair declared, then pulled out the chair next to him for Collette. Collette was yet to understand why Steven was on their side and this made her nervous because men like Steven were not to be trusted.However, with Adair's eyes giving her the impression he'd take care of it, she sat down on the chair he pulled out.Steven bowed to Adair again and turned to Mason whose clothes now looked disheveled. He had quickly gotten up on his feet as soon as Adair released his hold on him. "Mr. Harrison, you've caused unrest in my hotel and even threatened the life of my m
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An Old Acquaintance
Trevor, who was in an extremely bad mood, paused when he saw his worthless cousin in-law. Although Collette and Adair had gotten married in secret, being the most beautiful female in Crest Ville, a lot of people had their eyes on Collette. Everyone refused to believe the town's most beautiful female was getting married to someone who had no idea who he was and was obviously poor. The Pitt's family worth had been shaken a little due to the scandal, but they still remained at the top of the food chain. "Is this where you work now?" Trevor asked condescendingly. The former Adair would've lowered his head immediately and nodded rigorously. But this Adair pretended not to hear Trevor as he walked past him and headed into the manager's office. The manager, George Garfield who knew all about Adair and the Pitt's family quickly reprimanded Adair, "That is no way to speak to a customer. Apologize to him right now or I'll fire you!" Adair stared at George for a brief second before he grabb
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Blacklist The Pitt's Family
The Pitt's Family Mansion Trevor stormed into the living room apparently livid with anger. The immediate family members consisted of the elderly Sarah Pitt and her two sons— her first son, David, second son, John and third son, Benjamin. Then David's wife; Olivia Pitt, John's wife; Abigail Pitt and Benjamin's wife, Layla Pitt. The patriarch of the family, Splane Pitt died more than ten years ago and Sarah had been shouldering all responsibilities ever since. Sarah had five grandchildren; Trevor and Alice, David's children. Evelyn and Noah who are twins, John's children and finally, Collette who is Benjamin's daughter. Being the first grandson of the family, Trevor's status in the family and company is higher than everyone else's other than his grandmother's. The first and second family all had prominent spots in the family's company. Layla and Benjamin on the other end had long been kicked out of the company after the scandal their daughter caused. Even the extended members in
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Getting A House
After more than two weeks in the hospital, Halsey was finally deemed fit to return back home. The wooden door was pushed open and Collette gently led Halsey inside the house. The house was a small, simple space with basic furnishings and minimal decoration.The walls were unpainted and the bare floor was covered in cheap carpet. There were a few chairs arranged around a coffee table, the furniture old, mismatched, and in need of repair.The lighting was limited to a single overhead fixture. There were no curtains on the window and no decorative items such as pictures or plants making the pace feel bare and utilitarian."I'll make something for us to eat." Collette said as soon as she helped Halsey lay down. Adair gulped down forcefully. "Why don't we just eat out? Remember the manager at Kings Hotel said we can pay for anything we eat with the card he gave us." "And I told you he might've gotten the wrong person." Collette replied walking towards the kitchen sink which was situated
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