Chapter 2331 Conversations in Vain

Josias and Octavio are shocked to find the Crystal Blue’s vandalized state. The windowpane is gone, needs to be replaced with another one. Waiters clean up tomato, rotten egg, and old paint stains. Patrick is on a ladder pulling out rolls of toilet paper and a sign that reads ‘DEATH TO MOUNTAINS!’

“Good morning, Pat.” Josias greets him.

“Mr. Rocha, are you not ashamed to encourage something of this magnitude?” Patrick asks without looking at Josias, concentrating on his work.

Octavio is offended, “Looks like you didn’t listen to the radio. Josias just apologized and asked his fans to stop vandalizing the Mountain family.”

“After they burned down the circus?” Patrick does not accept the apology.

Josias rolls his eyes, “Pat, don’t be a bore. Is Daryl in there?”

“Mr. Mountain is inside, counting the losses. As for Mrs. Mountain, she came out with a determined face, probably to throw truths in Melissa Mountain’s face.”

Octavio held out his hands to swing the ladder and make Patrick fall a
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