Chapter 2332 Another Member of the Freire Family

Beto and Wallace return to the Teodoro Building. They are greeted by the song “Here Without You” by Three Doors Down.

Teresa and Vera were waiting for the gentlemen.

“Darling, so glad you’re back from the journey!” Teresa hugs Beto, “How is Josias? Well? OK? So and so?”

“He’s fine, surprised by the vandalism.” Beto responds, stroking his wife’s hair, “He didn’t know what happened at the restaurant.”

Vera points to the radio, “Well, we heard Josias’s statement on the radio station. In fact, the fan base overreacted.”

Wallace comments, “That’ll end up encouraging people to heat up the war between the families.”

“Oh, I hope that doesn’t happen.” Vera crosses her fingers, “May we all live in peace.”

“Where are Pedro and Maycon?” Beto asks.

“Where else? Playing the video game as usual.” Teresa laughs, pleased by the change of subject.

Beto kisses her cheek and goes to the apartment to see the children.

Wallace and Vera walk to their apartment, when suddenly...

“Wally...” Vera freezes her s
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