Chapter 2343 Promise of Romance

Melissa appears at Rocha Constructions. Employees who bump into her in the hallways just missed to bow to the empress.

“Mrs. Rocha, welcome back to the company.”

“A pleasure to have you back, Mrs. Rocha!”

“Mrs. Rocha, teach us the recipe to capture someone as hot as Mr. Rocha!”

“What is it, ladies? Behave yourself.” Melissa answers between laughs.

What recipe? There is no secret. Just love the man and he will love you back, regardless of external beauty.

Pollyanna gets up excitedly, “Hello, Mrs. Rocha. Your husband is inside talking to your brother.”

“Hello, Pollyanna. It’s so good to be back.” Melissa smiles charismatically, “But, you said Will is in there?”

“Yes, Mrs. Rocha. Is there a problem?”

“No, maybe I should wait...”

Lorraine appears and is impressed by Melissa wearing a dark green pantsuit with pinstripes. Lorraine’s pantsuit was the color of dog vomit and was bought at a sale.

Pollyanna is quick to introduce, “Mrs. Rocha, do you know Mrs. Moraes?”

Melissa didn’t know her. L
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