Chapter 2342 Accused Ones Defend Themselves with Lies

William walks through the halls of Rocha Constructions with a scowl, deterring people from asking what he needs.

When he arrives at Pollyanna’s desk, it’s she who ventures to ask, “Mr. Campos, are you in trouble?”

“Miss, sorry I didn’t memorize your name,” William responds dryly.


“Miss Pollyanna, is your employer in?”

“Yes, he’s in the office.” Pollyanna starts to get up.

“No need to announce me, I’ll come in.” William goes slowly to the door and opens it.

He hears Josias talking on his cell phone, “Yes, we can send a representative to Linhares to build the building you want. Thank you very much for choosing us! One of our architects will contact you with suggestions for plans...” Josias sees William and motions him in, “OK sir, bye!” He hangs up, “Will, come closer!”

William goes closer. He tries to speed up, but almost falls because of it, “Oops... Argh, will I ever be able to walk normally like Seu Moacyr?”

Josias gets up, goes to William, and helps him to sit on the n
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