Chapter 2363 I’ll Explain Why You Lost

Josias and Daryl continue their clash: Josias is always cool and calm as Daryl explodes and shakes with rage.

“Why are you smiling like that?” Daryl asks through gritted teeth.

“It’s because you didn’t realize where you went wrong.” Josias responds with mild disdain, “Allow me to enlighten you: you met with Ben and discussed the perks of working at Crystal Blue while you were trying to downsize my hotel, correct?”

Daryl clears his throat unnecessarily, “I just told Benjamin that working at Crystal Blue would make it easier for him to be projected into the foodie market than just being an extra employee of yours at the hotel. Let’s face it, Josias: your restaurant doesn’t have the same references as mine.”

“So, while I told Ben not to stress and left the decision in his hands, you did the opposite!” Josias bursts out laughing, “Why, Daryl, this is why he chose me! He felt more comfortable with me. And as for my restaurant...” Josias smiles defiantly, “Who knows, maybe the scenery d
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