Chapter 2386 The Cover’s Choice

Josias and Melissa are not comfortable with Ivan’s question. This could sound different interpretations.

Melissa shakes her hands, “It’s not like that, Sergeant Moraes. I didn’t know that Cláudio was hired, much less that he would be in the swimwear collection.”

Ivan gives her a sly look, “But you were overall in charge.”

“Yes, I was informed AFTER Claudio was hired and I gave my endorsement.” Melissa nods, “Then, Mrs. Vasquez was in charge of distributing the male models in the different types of garments we wanted to show.”

“OK, I understand.” Ivan notes in his notepad, “So, you just became aware that the guy who killed Katherine Bezerra and your current husband’s son was hired and gave his endorsement. Mrs. Rocha, did you not think for a second that someone or some wouldn’t agree to this hiring?”

Melissa hardens her face, “I thought so, but I preferred to believe that these people should mind their own business and let the past rest in peace.”

Josias massages Melissa’s left shoulde
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