The Celestial General

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The Celestial General

By: Chimeloen Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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In return of saving the life of an old man, Poor Charles Megaborn is gifted a wife, although he later excuses his marriage to follow his military career to earn money to take care of his family but after years of battles into becoming a world feared Celestial General, He receives a terrible Alert from home, His wife is Nine months pregnant and his daughter has been fed alive to Pigs! This pushes his return and Chaotic revenge when he finds out a dark Truth while being a disguised Pauper. Yes! The Poor man will shock them all!

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  • Bala Sidi


    This is a really interesting book, I think the author should update more chapters.

    2024-06-26 20:44:31
  • Waveno


    I loved the Novel! so Interesting!!

    2024-05-28 07:56:06
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120 chapters
Chapter 01
Paw! - A customer splashes Hot tea Over me! "Sir!?" I asked, embarrassed whilst drenched. "I asked that my shoe be polished for over two days now and you have done nothing! don't take my time for granted!" He yelled at me. "Sir! I have polished them ever since, if you will literally burn me cause of those ugly Looking Shoes, then tell my boss I quit!" I yelled in Pain as I slammed his shoes over his chest."How dare you do that to a customer?" My manager walked in with anger over his face. "Get out of my Shop before I skin you alive! You're Fired!" He ordered hurt as I carried my mopping stick and left the premises. I did this work to send my child to school and buy my wife the expensive things she wanted. Ding! - My Phone rings and it's one of my security friends at the house informing me what's up. My daughter is being fed to Pigs? My own Wife announced she's Pregnant!? Her being pregnant is a good news… But how is that possible when we haven't slept together. She wouldn't
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Chapter 02
Charles's - [P.O.V]I could see darkness in his Glares.“Wait till I return, even your grave won't exist! And your wife Benita, She will be mine, a Heiress like her can never marry a riffrat like you! I promise you, you will regret this! You don't know what is coming!” He said as he dashed out of the room, obviously running from more beating, I expected his men next too."Benita, tell me, Where is our daughter? Why are you in bed with Mr. Gilbert, I trusted you." I asked and she broke into bitter tears as she looked into my eyes.I could tell already I couldn't trust her."I can't say... Please forgive me." She said to me as I looked at her."Why can't you say?" I asked."Benita!" I called with a kiss to her forehead as she held me back for a real kiss but I ignored such filth."Where's my child?" I asked in-between the kiss and tears rolled off her eyes."She's probably dead." She said with her fingers shaking, was she being forced into doing all she's already doing?Or is Benita pla
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Chapter 03
Charles's - [P.O.V] It downed on me that I had being a big Goat! I've spent over $600,000 Dollars buying my wife anything she wants while working as a janitor and she never valued me, yet I forgot my mum and brother who were by my side all the while. "Alright, how about my salary savings? Today is a good time to make payments." I begged her as I was dragged away. I had saved a whopping $30,000,000 million dollars from working for the Moran's company in two years, but somehow Madam Moran convinced me to save up my contract earnings and salaries so I could use it to do something tangible and now her reaction proves I made a grave mistake. "Garbage like you doesn't deserve to breathe! now throw this rotten trash of a son Inlaw out of my house before the luisons ask me for his head.” She Orders. “I would not want to hurt my in-laws' feelings furthermore after all the wounds." She growled as she kicked Benita away from her sight glaring back at me. "Now Benita and the rest, you all
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Chapter 04
Charles's - [P.O.V]Pain Boiled through my Veins!“They will regret everything they have done to you guys, I promise.” I said to Drian and he chuckled at me.“Drian, we both know that isn't possible, they’ve destroyed our lives, I can't even get a job anymore, we are finished.” He said to me and I smiled at him.“We aren't Drian, I Charles will make them pay!” I swore to him.“Haha! Who do you think you are?” He asked me grabbing my and I held him.“I am the supposed Celestial….” I said and Drian Laughs by the side at me.“Celestial what?” He asked.“A Supposed Celestial General.” I said to him and my mother stood up to look at me.“Don't you ever say such a name here again, claiming to be someone of such high rank will cause a death sentence, it is punishable by law my son.” She warned.“What we need now, is to obtain the money you saved with their family before you left and we will leave them for Good.” My mother said as she looked at me.“Listen Charles, I don't care if you failed
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Chapter 05
Charles’s - [P.O.V]Death Loomed in my thirst for Blood!Before I could kill that bastard, Drian rushed at Gilbert in anger, landing him with a punch blessed by my entire soul.He landed a heavy punch over Mr. Gilbert's face breaking his nose instantly as Mr. Gilbert fell to the ground bleeding all body bandaged cause I earlier beat him."Don't you ever hurt my mother, she is my mother." Drian threatened before a security man came to beat him up and that's where I must step in."You and your entire family will regret that with your lives." Gilbert threatens back.I rushed into the scene, protecting Drian.“Beat them to death!” Mr. Gilbert said as Madam Moran confirmed with all the men rushing towards us."Drian, protect our mother." I said to him and he headed to her.I raised my hand into the air as I stared at all the men in uniforms using my fingers to freeze time as everyone stared in shock.“Kneel! And apologise until I ask you all to stop!” I ordered and all the Moran family's s
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Chapter 06
Charles's - [P.O.V]I think she could see the mystery we were going through and her hug at least made me think straight.The only reason I felt reluctant to pay immediately was because Drian despite called my brother, Exposing myself could put me or him in real "Where?" Drian asked me sternly."How would you get that huge amount of money, Charles?" He asked as his eyes got reddened."How?" Drian asked as he began to cry.I grabbed his hand."Trust me, I will find a way Drian." I said as I hugged him holding my tears in, so he can be strong."You have to trust me." I said to him."Let us do it like this okay?" I said to him as I released him."Go home, find anything valuable we can sell to raise up the money, while I will go to my friend Ceepron and ask him for help, okay?" I said to him and he nodded in response.I took a step away from him before I turned, running my hand through my hair as I ran as fast as I could, from one street to the other till I had found Ceepron staying in a
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Chapter 07
Charles's - [P.O.V]I could tell he had an opposite Plan as my well trained eyes monitor his movements."Oh sure, I know right?" He asked with a smile before he pulled out his gun and fired it straight at me.I felt the bullet pierce through me and it sent me to the ground, causing me to bleed immediately as I removed my gun firing it at him with my eyes closed as fear rushed through me.I opened my eyes to see water shooting out of my gun.My friend Ceepron, Betrayed me?"I appreciate you for successfully transporting the world's deadliest and the most dangerous radioactive bomb to us, good thing Ceepron used someone we could eradicate without problems." He said as I looked at him a bit worried."You, my boy, will be eliminated within seconds." He pointed his gun straight at me as the rest of the men gathered around me with their hefty machine guns in their hands."After the count of three... We fire according to my order okay." He said nicely."One!" He called as I thought of my mot
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Chapter 08
Charles's - [P.O.V]He truly wanted me to Leave."You are a blood type O... Go now, I'll be fine, don't worry I won't sleep." he said looking at me."Wait Charles, promise me that no matter what happens, you will be strong and make it in life, so all these people will pay." He said as he placed his palm over my cheeks."I promise, just wait for me, I will get help for you." I said to him as I ran into the hospital like a mad man."Somebody please help, my brother... He is out there." I called for help and a few nurses followed me.As soon as I reached outside.I felt uncertain about him.The waves coming from him seem disconnected.I looked at Drian before I reached him.I grabbed Drian into myself as I looked at him.And my heart broke to know that... He was dead.With all the power I had in this world... I let my brother die.How careless have I become.A hurtful burning tear burns out of my eyes.This was all part of my plans.My goal was to watch all these disasters Happen to fuel
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Chapter 09
Charles's - [P.O.V]I couldn't stop My feet at all, even so My energy was low but I soon stopped.I had reached our house which was almost burnt to nothing, shocked at the sight, I didn't know how to take it at all.I felt dead already inside.My mother is dead... I couldn't help her, these people were far smarter than some wars I faced, the worst part is they aren't even coming out to fight one on One.My brother Drian is dead too... I couldn't save him.Our house has been burnt down to the ground."What else am I doing in this world?" I asked myself.There's no one that I can love or that would love me."My life is now finished in reality." I said to myself.It began to rain and I fell to my knees.I looked at the sky in return to see God.How could he exist and let me suffer this much?"Why?" I asked him as I looked over the ground to see a short knife which I picked up."Why did you bring me to this world to suffer?" I asked."Eh!?" I cried to him."I am tired of this world, let m
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Chapter 10
Charles's - [P.O.V]I had lost Memories Twice.One was meant for my true Family who have been in search of me and the other is after I returned after my spies’s news."We were attacked on our way back home by some unknown men, they hit our car over the bridge, and we tumbled numerous times." I said as she used her handkerchief to clean the tears rolling off my eyes as I stared at her."I understand how miserable that must have felt, so just be precise with your narration, I need to be sure something worse didn't happen to you." She said with her eyes reddened as she looked at me."When I woke up, dad was bleeding really badly but he still protected me, taking multiple bullets from the men who opened fire on us." I explained."Our car exploded causing me to be thrown into the large river underneath the bridge and it was after that time that I lost all my memories." I said, recalling everything in detail."After then, I joined a gang to survive before an old lady whom I called mother, h
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