Chapter 2405 Visions of the Past

The next day, Josias is walking towards Crystal Blue to confront his enemy Daryl.

He crosses Ibrahim Square, looking out over the cityscape. The city is growing bigger and bigger, passing 300,000 residents and reaching the 400,000 population milestone. They say that a rural district called Vale do Cajá will be integrated into the city and receive urban improvements.

Josias smiles as he is part of the city’s growth. He has grown along with it.

As he entered the sidewalk, Josias was tempted to go around the back and turn off the restaurant’s electrical supply just to frighten them. But he resisted the prank and decided to enter through the front door.

Upon opening the door, Felipe is the first to see him, “Mr. Rocha! Good morning. How can I help you?”

Josias smiles gently, “It’s funny. You like me, Felipe, but your father tried to kill me.”

Felipe keeps his smile, “Well, I respect you as a

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