Chapter 2410 A New Detective?

At Saint Gabriel’s College, Caio and Alan talk in the open courtyard, enjoying their recess.

“What’s up, Alan? Have you talked to Sofia this year?”

Alan smiles hopefully, “I’ve been chatting with her online. I intend to arrange something with her, maybe some cinema.”

“That’s cool, man. Looks like we will have ‘Shrek 2’. Does she like movies like that?” Caio suggests.

“I intend to ask her later.” Alan takes his phone and checks for calls.

After checking, Alan looks up and notices that Caio is far away, “What happened?”

“I wonder if you heard about Sofia’s mother yet.” Caio is gloomy.

“Mrs. Vasquez? Has she done anything reprehensible?” Alan is curious.

“You can say that again.” Caio nods, “My father is furious because he asked Mrs. Vasquez not to favor Cláudio Guzman, and she did the opposite: she reserved a dressing room for Mr. Guzman, resulting in Rodrigo Mountain staying outside with the inexperienced models.”

Alan is outraged, “That’s crazy! Rod is already a famous model, one of t
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