Chapter 2418 Josias Trusts Benjamin

Josias and Melissa have already ordered. Melissa chose the carbonara.

Now she is listening to Josias narrate his day with excitement.

“When Flávia entered the orphanage, her eyes filled with tears, but it wasn’t from panic. She saw the portrait I had made of Uélton. Yes, I had the ears retouched and made them a little smaller, but she was grateful anyway.”

Melissa nods, “Good, honey. And will she want to work in there?”

“Yes, she will.” Josias guarantees, “She’ll be very happy to help. And I promised to pay a good salary.”

“I hope she makes it. Now all that’s left is for Reuben to take a job at headquarters.” Melissa looks back to see if someone is bringing the white wine.

However, when Melissa turns around, she sees Jane and the Chef conferring with worried faces.

Jane spots Melissa and Josias and hurries over to their table.

“Oh, when the chef told me you were here... This has to be a miracle!”

“What is it, Jane?” Josias quickly transforms into the protective lion.

“Daryl is here!”
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