Chapter 2417 Sabotage in the Kitchen

Josias goes to his office and first meets Pollyanna.

“Hello, Pollyanna. Something happened?”

“Sir, Mrs. Rocha is waiting for you in your office. I can already tell you that things are bad.”

“Oh, damn, what happened this time?” Josias sighs impatiently.

“She had a mini confrontation with Lorraine.” Pollyanna is vexed.

“And why would the two of them have to clash?” Josias shrugs.

“Sir, the custom of Mrs. Moraes calling you by your first name made your wife jealous. She loves you, you know that.”

“Yes, I know.” Josias smiles from the corner of his mouth.

He nods to the secretary and heads to his office.

Melissa is waiting for him, sitting on the sofa, her glass of whiskey on the rocks in her hands, empty.

“Good morning, my love! Shall we have lunch at Crystal Blue?” Josias greets her, placing the briefcase on the desk.

“I’d rather go to your hotel restaurant, where Ben is killing it as a cook.” Melissa looks at the glass.

Josias stands in front of her, “Pollyanna told me. And if you want
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