Chapter 2429 Meeting New People

Caroline is uncomfortable seeing Thierry again. She immediately remembers Rosemary and all she suffered from being hopelessly in love with someone who wasn’t real.

So she tried to focus on the other guests, especially the ones she hadn’t seen in a while.

“Carol, you are all grown up and beautiful!” Vera takes a good look at the Princess of Lagoon City, “What a beauty! The dress fit you very well. When did you come to town?”

“I just came yesterday,” Caroline responds by laughing.

“Isn’t she cute, bro?” Vera nudges Beto.

“Guys, I’m getting old.” Beto laughs.

“Mr. Reis, you continue as I remember.” Caroline comments gently, “They say you’re fifty-two, is that true?”

“Better keep this secret between us: they think I’m forty.” Beto pretends he’s whispering in Caroline’s ear, making her laugh harder and harder.

Josias and Melissa pose for photos at the cake table. Melissa prepares to cut the first slice.

“Why do I feel like it’s 1984, love?” Melissa asks quietly, to her official husband.

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