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Few days before his Wedding, Jace sacrificed his reputation and went to jail on behalf of his Fiancée's brother. And on his return Five years later, his beloved fiancée was already getting married to A Billionaire. And his Family had fallen apart, nowhere to be seen. Ridiculed and cursed at by those he sacrificed all for, Jace couldn't feel more Betrayed. But what these "people" didn't know was that Jace never went to jail. But rather was taken by a Top National Secret Agency, where he rose to the top. In riches, Fame and Skills. And now playing under different Identities which he lives under, The self-made Zillionaire is out to find traces about his Family while slapping down jerks.

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    great story. ace win and take all the one who hurt you

    2024-02-10 13:00:49
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1: On His Return
It was the D-day, The day when he was supposedly released from jail. Or assumed to be that day when he was finally free from prison where he was presumed to have spent the last past 5 years.Jace Ban walked down from the Cab which he had just boarded and paid the man. As the driver left, he looked around the street which hadn't changed much in the past few years. The street Where he had stayed for ages now. It was still the same.He had been away for so long now that he felt strange about seeing it again. But on the other hand, he was happy and overjoyed. Happy for the fact that he was going to reunite with his family once again after years. And happy that he was going to finally meet his wife again. Or wife-to-be. The lady he loved and whom he didn't get to marry before being sent to jail. He was going to meet her again and get married.Jace wanted to get something for her. He was enthusiastic about their reunion again so he went to the jewellery shop where he intended to buy her so
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2: ...Something Happened
Jace couldn't believe his eyes. He couldn't even believe all that was happening before his eyes. He couldn't believe that Nora of all people was saying this to him.Nora whom he had loved so dearly that he could do anything for. The same Nora who had kept confessing and expressing her love to him and was the clingy type. That same Nora was saying all these to him."Oh..." the Billionaire nodded as he looked at Jace, "Now I understand what's happening. You despicable stalker and murderer just returned from jail and you decide to stalk her. What part of her don't you like that you didn't understand before?" He questioned coldly.Jace didn't even look at him, his eyes were still on Nora who now held onto The man's hands "Darling, let's get out of here. He basically creeps me out now! I can't even stand a second staring at his face!"The Billionaire held onto her hands as well, as he looked at Jace "You heard her. Now get lost. I don't want to see your despicable face again. Get out!" He
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3: Meet again
Before evening, Jace walked out of the Police Station, free.He had both hands in his pocket as he stared at the night scenery ahead outside. The cars and the street lights. Along with the busy people passing by. It's been long since he had been this free to be able to see such scenery.But he didn't have a smile on his face while looking around. He was still recalling what had happened earlier that day. How the lady he had been expecting to see happily had looked down on him and betrayed his expectations the moment he met her.He was still devastated by that and was furious. But he wasn't going to think about it at all. He was too angry to even think about it. So he had to put other things in mind at this time.The lady he had gone to extreme miles to help had treated him like trash now. And he wasn't going to dwell on it.He had to go home now since it was evening. And he was going to meet his family which he left at home before going to jail. At least they'd still be there waiting
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4: A Slap On The Face
"You... of all people... you don't have the right to talk to me like that. After all I have done for you. After sacrificing so much for you... You don't have the right to talk to me in that manner!" Jace expressed in pain and annoyance."And what are you going to do about that? Are you going to beat me up for that? Expose to the world what really happened? Do you think you can still speak up about it after all these years?" Ken said as he laughed.Ken continued, "In your dreams! No one is even going to pay attention to you at all. You're only going to be talking trash and look dumb even before their eyes! So you should get out of here already. Go find a life for yourself."As Jace stood there angrily staring at him, he had a lot of words he wanted to say. He wanted to bash back at him but he knew his words weren't even going to be taken seriously at all. So he didn't bother. "What? Are you still here Mr Goodie with two shoes? Do you want me to give you a lift in my extensive new car?
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5: National Secret Agent I
Jace was taken out of the Mansion's surroundings and he was left there alone by himself.In his hands was the invitation card which they had given him and all he could think about was his family at this point. He didn't have a clue where they were and was simply worried about where they could be and what could have happened to them.With that thought in his mind, he stared at the invitation card in his hands. Fury had run through his veins as he stared at the card. They were going to get married soon, and when he opened the card he saw its details. They were going to get married a few days from then.Jace wasn't happy about it at all. He didn't like the idea of them happily getting married after all that they had done to him. Especially after that he knew that they might know a thing or two about what could have happened to his family but were reluctant to even tell him about it.He wasn't going to let them get away for that. Rather he was going to make sure they paid for what they
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6: National Secret Agent II
Jace had always grown up struggling to make ends meet. With no solid work to support him and his family, he hadn't been able to boast of having a steady job he could be proud of... making ends meet had always been a harsh work. But at that time he got something that actually appreciated his effort.He worked hard in this agency and was constantly praised and rewarded for his efforts by the Superiors and Government. Especially in cash!It was pretty obvious that he kept growing into one of the top-secret spies in his department and even kept growing beyond that. While accumulating money and fame in his area of work, it was no surprise that in a few years, he had climbed to the ladder of the High class!He had gotten massively rich in this process and his worth was even more than those millionaires, billionaires and even trillionaires out there. He didn't even know how high his level of financial power was. But he knew they were really high.It was something rewarding to him after y
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7: Who he is
Annoyed, the man glared at Jace, "You good for nothing bastard! What gave you the right to think you can talk to me like that??" He questioned as he angrily stormed at Jace with a kick!Jace had effortlessly used his own leg and brushed his feet away and then kicked the man with his other leg. It was a hard kick which instantly brought the man down to his face.It was an embarrassing fall for the man that people couldn't help but laugh at him. Annoyed, the man angrily got up to his feet and glared at Jace, "You! How dare you! Do you know who I am? You..." He looked around, " Where is the hotel manager? I want this man kicked out of here this instant. He shall never step foot into this hotel again!"Jace smirked, "I don't think that's possible," he expressed as he looked towards the direction of the hotel manager who was just coming towards them."Kick him out right now!" The man ordered the manager. But as soon as the manager stared at Jace, his eyes stiffened. He didn't know who h
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8: Illegally
"According to our discovery, we've detected some illegal business activities going on in his business. It seems he's importing and exporting some stuff illegally and without anyone knowing. But I had people go there in disguise and see through it...and that's what we got," he explained.Jace was pacing through the sitting room while listening to what he said. And when he was done speaking, Jace said, "I see... Thanks for your information. Is there anything else?""Not really. Actually, his illegal business stuff is what we discovered more. We didn't get much information on the previous inhabitants of the place, neither did we see a trace of them."He continued, "But don't worry, we'll keep looking for any information on them. And if you also want, I can help look through the illegal business...""Don't worry about that. About his illegal business, leave it to me. I'll have people within my reach handle it. And I will also work on it. You've worked hard enough, thanks for your efforts,
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9: A Suprise Visit
The idea of working with Jace was something worthy of a great honour! On hearing this, The two policemen instantly felt honoured. They would be working with General Ace and it wasn't something small.Their eyes lit in excitement, "Is that so? How may we be of help sir?" They requested.Jace looked around for a while and then said, "Let's discuss further in an office. Can we?"Without hesitation, they took him to the office and prepared some tea for him while they talked, and Jace told them about the illegal business which their so-called boss Kai was working on.He further explained to them how he wanted them to help him bring him down on his business.They didn't even think twice about it. They didn't even hesitate or whatever but they had instantly agreed on it."We'll do it," the first said, "Just give us the details of what needs to be done. And we'll get it done as best as we can." Jace smiled at their enthusiasm, "That's good. I like that," he said. "The operation shall be take
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10: At Your Wedding
Jace was still awake by then. He was pacing around in his bedroom in the hotel room with a rosary in his hands. He was saying his midnight prayer when he suddenly received a call that night.He rounded up his prayer as he stared at the call from his phone. He was familiar with it so he picked up the call, "Hello? So how's it going? What's happening?" He inquired."We have gotten them surrounded and now we're planning to take them away," the person on the other end explained.Jace slowly nodded, "OK then. Don't harm anyone but lock them up," He informed."Yes sir. We'll do just that," He said as he cut the line.With a soft smirk, Jace stared at his phone as he said to himself."It has all been set. Now I guess it's time to play," Ge said as he stared at the invitation card on his bed.*******The day of the wedding had arrived and it seemed as grand as any other billionaire's wedding out there. Highly decorated and situated in an expensive place.It wasn't held in a hall but outside
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