Chapter 2430 Little Sister’s Worry

The next issue of Maggiezine was by far the biggest seller of 2004.

One of the newsstand owners ended up in General Hospital with cardiac arrest due to the stress of keeping his newsstand always supplied with issues of Maggiezine. Customers simply did not accept it when they went to the newsstand and did not find Josias and Melissa on the cover.

On the Internet, the novelty caused a stir among younger people. Bernardo was satisfied with the online repercussions, and in a meeting with the editorial staff, he announced further investments in the website. Those who didn’t want the paper magazine could purchase a subscription online.

Caroline surprised everyone when she announced that she would be staying at the mansion. Mary and Ignacio hugged her with emotion.

“YEAH! The family will be almost complete!” Ignacio exclaims.

“Now all we need is Dad!” Mary exclaims innocently.

Caroline pats Mary on the head, “Yes, Mary, but he’s still in Victoria. You can visit it as many times as you like.”
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