Chapter 2450 Dangerous Phone Call

“GRANDPA VERNON!” Alan exclaims furiously.

João Paulo hides his face with his hands, trying to cover up his laughter. Elza is apparently embarrassed by her husband’s question.

Caroline continues to coolly analyze Sofia’s taut reaction.

Melissa gestures, “Let’s wait for Josias for that kind of question, folks.”

Sofia takes a deep breath, “No, Mrs. Rocha. I can answer that now.” She smiles at Vernon, “Mr. Queiroz, if Alan wants to help my father’s company, he’s free to do so. I believe I won’t need to squeeze money out of anyone, according to the words of you lord. But for now, it’s too early to go into that detail. I’m for the moment a friend of Alan’s who has been invited to dinner with his family.”

Alan, satisfied, takes Sofia’s hand, “But if we’re going to think about something else than friendship, I must thank Grandpa Vernon for putting the idea forward!”

João Paulo stops smiling and looks desperately at his father. The shot backfired!

Caroline awaits dinner with her head down. He
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