Chapter 2489 A Sassy Fan

Olivia later finds herself in another peculiar situation. Not only did she have to dodge her daughter’s questions, but she has noticed someone else dodging: Cláudio.

It was a beautiful day when she was crossing Ibrahim Square and noticed her beloved Cláudio trying to jump over a bench to get to the other side of the square, running away from Olivia as if she were Lady Death.

“CLAUDIO!” Olivia screams, unaware of how ridiculous and needy she looks, “What do you think you’re doing? You look like you’re trying to get away from me.”

Cláudio swallows hard. Melissa’s warning for him to stop the plan echoed freshly in his mind.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Vasquez. I have to work and I don’t have time for your gossip.” He responds distantly.

“But I have time to honor Crystal Blue to eat your salmon.” Olivia blinks mischievously.

“The salmon is not mine. The recipe was created when the Bento family—”

“You got it, don’t be cute.” Olivia laughs, thinking that Cláudio was laughing.

“Mrs. Vasquez, what do yo
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