Chapter 2491 Caroline Helping Reuben

Josias arrives at Rocha Mansion and is welcomed by his wife in the foyer. They hug and kiss romantically.

“Where are the children?” Josias asks with a charming smile.

“The twins are in the living room, Alan is chilling with Sofia on the garden porch, Caroline is chatting to Rosemary online, and Ruben is somewhere in the corner trying to get out of the tunnel.”

Josias laughs. He wasn’t necessarily expecting information from Reuben, “Will he ever get out?”

“The twins are counting on it.” Melissa breaks the hug, “And how are things?”

“Now that we have an office in Belo Horizonte, things are more controlled. With Wallace in charge, I can breathe easier and focus on the projects I have close to me.”

“And that means less travel, right?” Melissa walks with Josias to the master suite, “I’m still not over the accident you had in 1991.”

“That’s many years ago, darling. Don’t be so morbid.” Josias kisses her cheek.

Alan and Sofia find them as they go upstairs. Sofia looks better.

“Dad, hello.” A
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