Chapter 2501 Someone Should Shut Up


“Nadia Lafayette, I don’t even know where to start. When I met you, I never dreamed that I would be here now, at the altar of Green Park Church, declaring my love in front of our friends and family. But the time came when I started to dream, and then, to believe that the dream would come true. Thank you, thank you very much for believing in me and accepting me as your companion, for the rest of our lives.”

“Rodrigo Mountain, they say that women can’t resist the charm of a Mountain man, and it seems that the saying is true. I tried, but my heart spoke louder. You won me over with your charismatic way of being. I wrapped myself body and mind in your love and affection. I’m very honored that you chose me among countless who would envy my place. So I promise I’ll make up for your decision.”

Father Matias smiles in front of the bride and groom, “Now, time to recite the classic vows.”

Rodrigo, dressed in his tuxedo, and Nadia, dressed in a stunning bridal outfit, smile at each other.

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