Chapter 2517 No One Believes in Daryl’s Faith

Total silence among those present in the lounge.

Flávia buried her hands in her chest, her eyes watering, imagining what she would say to her father. She had just ended the call by saying that Benjamin was out of danger!

Dr. Braggart closes the door and faces Josias, “I’m glad the hotel owner is here. Can you identify the deceased?”

Everyone has a bump.

“Wait, isn’t that Ben Teixeira?” Josias narrows his eyes.

“The young man entered without documents, just with a dolman like the other cooks.” Dr. Braggart is confused, “He was the last one to enter.”

Beto smiles in relief, “Guys, it’s not Ben! I saw him come in.”

Melissa remembers the cook. The ambulance was almost leaving when the paramedics appeared near it, carrying the young man on a stretcher. She thought the boy was already dead at that time...

“Wait, why did it take them so long to get this cook here?” Melissa finds this strange, “I remember him too. Ben and the others had already been removed.”

“Let’s do the identification. Mom
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