The Unexpected Billionaire's Revenge

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The Unexpected Billionaire's Revenge

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Excerpt… “Well?” Taron sat up straight. “I honored your invitation because you promised it was going to be worth it.” “Yes,” Selena smiled. Beneath the small table, her hand was already working its way to the buckle of his belt. “I wanted to apologize in a way I knew you’d like…” Taron was already starting to lose his senses when the light flashed in his eye. He remembered his plan and he quickly batted her hand away. “What are you doing Selena?” Taron McCarthy, a broke and unemployed man is shamed and dumped by his long time girlfriend, Selena Goldbridge. Just then, Taron receives an unexpected call from an unlikely source and he discovers that he is now the heir to over twenty different billion dollar companies funded by a dying drug lord. With his new position, Taron plots his vengeance against Selena and her new boyfriend, Steve. But with the sudden appearance of the son of the drug lord and true heir to the companies, Taron McCarthy could be running out of luck Find out what happens next in this tale of vengeance, love and betrayal.


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Taron was worried to death. He had been sitting on the same spot for more than three hours now and his back was aching. He took a napkin from his pocket and mopped the beads of sweat that had gathered around his brows. He knew he had to look good. It was an important day - the day he was going to finally ask his high school sweetheart, the beautiful model, Selena Goldbridge to be his wife. He had been looking forward to this day for a very long time now and he was excited.A message popped up on his phone screen and he opened it in a hurry to see who it was.“Sorry Taron. I totally forgot about the outing. I’ll be there in a few…”Taron smiled and adjusted his glasses on his face. He didn’t care if he had to wait for hours to see Selena. What mattered to him was that she was coming. He giggled in excitement and arranged the table quickly. Everything needed to be in order.He turned around to see that the waiter was smiling at him. The waiter, Pablo Hernandez was an advanced man
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The sound of the phone ringing on the table was what woke Taron up the next morning. After a long day that started with waiting for hours and ended with a painful rejection, Taron McCarthy had walked all the way home and fallen on his bed in tears. He had slept off crying that night and he would have still been sleeping as late as 11am that morning if not for the person that was calling him continuously.Taron stood up angrily and took the phone to look at who it was. It was the waiter, Pablo Hernandez. Could the damn old man not leave him alone for just a minute! He cut the call and threw his phone on the table before falling face first on the bed. He was still on the black suit he had rented for the engagement party and he didn’t care if he got it rumpled. He was going to do whatever he liked. What’s the worst that could happen anyways?The phone rang again and Taron grunted in anger as he stood up to pick the call. It was Pablo. He picked the call and started barking into th
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Chapter 3
The car screeched to a halt after about fifteen minutes of driving and Taron strained his eyes to see where they had stopped. The tinted windows blocked his view however and he closed his eyes once more in the hope that when he opened them again, he would discover that he had been dreaming.Taron’s eyes opened to the harsh reality that he was not dreaming. It was real. One of the men caught him by the arm and pulled him out of the car and he squinted under the light of the sun. It was afternoon and they didn’t even care that the day was bright and people would be watching. They led him towards the door of a mansion and the man in front pushed the gate open. Taron looked around and did a quick sign of the cross. If he was actually in trouble with the owner of such a huge mansion, then there was no saving him.They stopped at the entrance of a hallway and pushed it open. The hall came into full view immediately and Taron marveled at the beauty of the place. The walls were golden wit
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CHAPTER 4James Garrick stared at the paper that lay on the table in front of him. He could barely believe his eyes. His business partner and benefactor, Pablo Hernandez was dead and he had passed down his chain of companies to a close friend. James Garrick was not new to the business. He knew what it meant. Pablo’s lawyer, Jeremy had already sent him a mail informing him of a meeting with the new boss at midnight where all the necessary documents would be signed. He knew that once again, he would have to be smart in his negotiations and make sure he got the new boss to inject funds into his company, Garrick Modeling agency.He squeezed the paper and threw it in the dustbin.“Should have waited till after we released the winter collection before he died,” James grunted. “I was really looking forward to the success of that show.”“It can still be successful with the new owner,” Steve chipped in.James turned to face Steve and sighed. Steve was his only son, and at twenty five, the
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It was when Taron received the call from Pablo’s lawyer he knew he was not dreaming. He was actually going to inherit all this wealth!Pablo’s lawyer, Jeremy had called him earlier that day to inform him of the meeting with all the stakeholders and CEO’s of the thirty companies that he now owned. Apparently, Pablo had opened all his companies under different names and given them to different people to run for him after signing a contract with them. They were to help him manage and groom it and at the end of the calendar year, they received a great percent of the company’s profit.It seemed more like a charity organization to Taron considering the fact that they weren’t even putting in any capital. Pablo was the one solely funding all the companies.Taron skimmed through the documents quickly, taking note of the companies that Pablo had been funding and the profit they brought to him yearly. Running through the document, he found out that Garrick Modeling Agency had been the highes
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Selena heard the sound of the car horn and she looked outside her window. A white Cadillac was parked outside and she knew it was James’ driver waiting for her. She ignored the horn and went back to her mirror, admiring herself. She knew she had to look perfect that night if she wanted to get anything out of the new owner. Her charm had not worked on Pablo Hernandez the last time they met. He always preferred to wear a mask to their meetings and so she could not see the face of the man she was trying to seduce but word on the street had it that he was an advanced man. Luckily for her, he was dead now, and the new owner would probably be someone younger, someone that she could easily wrap around her fingers. She giggled in excitement at the thought of the outcome of that night. Little did Selena know that fate had other plans for her.After ten more minutes of self appraisal, Selena came out of her house finally. She closed the door and gave some instructions to her guards before w
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Taron turned his attention from Steve and Selena and faced the others.“It’s good to have you all here tonight,” he started. “I’m sure you all must have heard about the sad passing away of our friend, Pablo Hernandez. May his soul rest in perfect peace.”A few of them said ‘Amen’ while the rest murmured amongst themselves.Taron cleared his throat and continued. “Pablo left his chain of companies in my care at his death, and I have called this meeting to address a few issues I have noticed. From now henceforth, things would be run my way.”Taron could hear the murmurs amongst them but he ignored them. His eyes were fixed on Steve and Selena. Their faces were pale. Of course they knew he was referring to Garrick Modeling Agency.James Garrick who didn’t have an idea of what was going on listened attentively to the new chairman, while wondering why his son was sweating under the cool air conditioner in the board room.“Before I go into further details I would like to take a few c
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“Fuck!” Selena cried for like the hundredth time in the last hour. “How could I be so dumb.”“Don’t worry, babe,” Steve said trying to comfort her. “We would surely get back at him.”“Get your filthy hands off me!” Selena cried and pushed Steve away. “It’s all your fault. You’re the reason I’m in this mess.”Steve stared at her, a shocked expression on his face. “My fault? How is all this my fault?”Selena ignored him and kept sobbing. Taron McCarthy! The bastard must have been testing her. He knew he was going to inherit all of Pablo’s wealth after all and he wanted to see if she would love him for who he was, but she had failed his test. The thought of someone else getting to spend that money with Taron irked her. It was meant to be hers! She was the one that he loved!“Babe?”Selena looked up at Steve who was still staring at her, surprised and suddenly, she was overwhelmed by a new feeling of anger.She rose to her feet. “Leave my house at once.”“Oh so you’re kicking me
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CHAPTER 9Taron McCarthy rolled his sleeves up and removed his gold plated watch, carefully dropping it on the table beside him. It was 8pm already and after another boring day of staring at files, he was exhausted. He had not expected his new inheritance to come with the tasking job of going through the archives of thirty different companies, but apparently it did.He had spent the whole day reading and replying the mails from the companies and his secretary had stared at him all day obviously worried that her boss was doing her job.Taron didn’t care much about her stares. He wanted to make sure everything was in order, especially after their midnight meeting the previous day. The first thing he did was slash the capital to be invested into Garrick Modeling agency for the next calendar year and subsequently, increase the capital for the remaining companies that had made profits over the years and in a matter of minutes, his phone was buzzing with emails and calls from the overj
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Selena raised her face up and just as Taron had expected, her heavy make up had been completely messed up. She looked more like a clown than a model. He resisted the urge to laugh and he grinned widely, giving her the impression that she was looking good. Selena smiled and sat up straight immediately, happy to see that she had finally gotten his attention.“What took you so long?” she asked.“Oh I had some company stuff to do,” Taron replied. Selena nodded and stared at him. There was something different about this new Taron that was drawing her to him and it was not just the fact that he was now very rich. He looked different in an exotic way.“Your glasses!” Selena exclaimed. “You’re not using them anymore?”“I don’t need them anymore,” Taron smiled, his eyes fixed on her. “I can see perfectly. I’ve always seen perfectly.”Selena stared at him, shock written all over her features. There was a lot that she didn’t know about him.“Well?” Taron sat up straight. “I honored yo
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