Chapter 2522 The Corpse Is Identified

Josias gives Reuben a ride to the Rocha Constructions headquarters. As Josias passes through the parking lot, those in the area recognize the company president’s car and wave in greeting.

“I feel as important as you, uncle.” Reuben jokes.

Josiah smiles too. Reuben always makes his day.

The car radio was playing “Speed of Sound” by Coldplay. Reuben bobbed his head to the rhythm of the song.

But when Josias finished maneuvering and fitting the car into one of the spaces, the announcer began to speak, “We regret the interruption of the program, but we have an update on the attack on the Rocha Hotel. It seems that a relative has finally arrived to identify the cook killed in the explosion! Detective Amoreira requested secrecy and the names will not be revealed for now so as not to harm the progress of the investigation. More information you will find—”

Josias turns off the radio. They both get out of the car.

“Uncle Josias, you should run after the information.” Reuben urges him.

“I don’t
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