Chapter 2521 Taking Action

A few days passed. The police continued to investigate the attack at the Rocha Hotel. ‘Attack’ was the word coined because of the mysterious cook who died, still without being identified. A round of mystery hung in the air...

Meanwhile, Benjamin was recovering with Flávia keeping an eye on him. Reuben bought an extra mattress to sleep on the floor while his uncle slept in his bed.

But while Benjamin was on ‘vacation’ because of the restaurant’s renovation, Reuben still had to wake up early to work. With that, Reuben’s cell phone woke up a sleeping Benjamin who was dreaming of chocolate truffles.

“Hmm...” Benjamin rubs his eyes. He then realizes that he had removed the blanket and was lying naked next to his nephew.

Reuben sat on the mattress and didn’t see his uncle, he was putting on his underwear, “Did I wake you up again, uncle?”

Benjamin smiles in patience, “Don’t worry, Reuben. You need to work. I’m the busybody here. Your mother doesn’t want me sleeping in the living room.”

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