The Pauper is Hidden Heir

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The Pauper is Hidden Heir

By: Black_Kitsune OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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I thought all the good fortune had finally come to me. The people I thought were my saviors turned out to be imposters. My life was miserable and full of ugliness until a servant came to me and told me who I really was. Covenglory, a surname that could frighten others, and I used that name to make them feel what I felt before.

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  • Sugar Spicy


    A nice storyline.Hooked from the first chapter

    2024-02-01 18:46:10
  • King Mohammed


    Wonderful novel! Please, don't stop updating the chapters. I highly recommend to everyone on this app! Super cool.

    2023-08-23 18:53:37
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164 chapters
Chapter 1
Inside the room, Cesare looked very busy. His eyes were focused on the laptop, and his hands were nimbly pressing several keys on the keyboard."I think this is all done." He muttered, but his eyes were still focused on the lit screen.Cesare moved his eyes to focus on the report he was currently working on. He ensured that it had no errors and would not upset his wife - Julie Webster.Two years ago, Cesare saved the life of an old man - Bastien Webster, who was sick on the streets. Bastien Webster liked Cesare very much because he thought Cesare was amiable and very different from everyone he met. So he forced him to marry one of his granddaughters named Julie, among his three granddaughters, only Julie was unmarried.At first, Julie opposes marrying a poor man like Cesare, but Bastien forces her to accept the marriage. That's why Julie was very cold and disliked Cesare.Cesare had just finished all the reports he had been working on. But suddenly, Julie brought a pile of files, thre
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Chapter 2
"What are you doing! You have no right to touch my wife!" Cesare shouted angrily.He knew the man was desperate to get close to Julie and wanted to snatch her away. But Julie was his wife, and Cesare would protect her from such a man. He quickly approached them and swatted away Ricky's hand. Unexpectedly, Julie was angry with Cesare's actions.Julie screeched angrily at Cesare. "Are you crazy? How can you be so rude to Ricky?" Julie gave Cesare a very sharp look. Even now, Julie could hardly control herself because of Cesare's actions, which Ricky considered very bad."I just wanted to get those dirty hands off your chin. But you got angry." Cesare defended himself, but the answer he had just said made Ricky feel very angry."What do you mean by saying my hands are a dirty stupid man? Don't you ever look in the mirror before you speak? You're not even better than trash." Ricky sharpened his gaze on Cesare. Even now, his hands were clenched into fists. He would have kicked Cesare's ass
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Chapter 3
"Are you guys out of your minds? How can you say that you sold me?" Cesare was furious at Julie's hurtful statement. He was not a saleable item, but Julie and Ricky were playing with him."So what? You've never been a profitable husband for me. Let me at least make a little profit by selling you." Julie laughed again, followed by Ricky, who also laughed very loudly. In fact, one of his hands was still on Julie's waist. And Julie tolerated that action.In fact, Julie had done it at Ricky's idea. She was so sick of living with Cesare that Ricky devised the idea to sell Cesare and at least make a little profit for Julie."You're too much. I've done so much for you, and you treat me so badly." This time, Cesare was furious with Julie. He gave Julie a sharp look and then shook his head.He gritted his teeth in front of Julie, but Julie had no fear of Cesare. Julie only thought of Cesare as a rat who had accidentally helped her grandfather and had to be married off by him.And now that Bast
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Chapter 4
"Covenglory?" Cesare narrowed his eyes as he asked Piere. In confusion, Piere nodded and smiled, then said again, "I don't know the Covenglory family.""I am Cesare Wills. I am not from the Covenglory family. You may have misunderstood." Cesare tried to explain to Piere, but Piere just smiled. Piere stood beside the bed with his hands together and looked at Cesare with great respect."Why don't you believe me, Young Master? You are indeed from the Covenglory family. You should believe this." Piere explained very politely. But Cesare just shook his head.Cesare felt more and more strange about this situation. He began to remember things until he started to get nervous."No, no. I think you've misunderstood. Someone just dragged me and beat me into unconsciousness. They sold me to someone." Cesare spoke so fast that his breathing became laboured. This time, his chest rose and fell with the rhythm of his breathing. Also, his head was throbbing at the same time."Wait, is Covenglory the p
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Chapter 5
Cesare was really surprised by what Diana said. Even Cesare had not thought that far ahead and had not expected the Covenglory family to be so wealthy. Is it true that he can have anything he wants?"Really?" Cesare widened his eyes. Instead, he saw Diana shaking her head with a faint smile."Why do you still have doubts? You should be able to judge from where you stand right now." Diana explained with a soft tone of voice.Cesare thought again that he should not need to doubt what he heard now. Even his eyes clearly saw the splendour and luxury of one corner of this house. And Cesare was sure this house was more extensive than he had imagined. Only Cesare still felt like a dream because this happened so quickly.But when he remembered something, his face looked flat as he looked at Diana. "But, wasn't I sold by my wife?" Cesare asked Diana."How could she do such an outrageous thing. Does she think of me as a piece of property that she can sell me? She's a damnable and useless woman!
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Chapter 6
Julie looks very happy with Ricky, who is currently holding their engagement ceremony, which is so luxurious in one of the most expensive hotels in Severie.Actually, they announced this event a few days ago. They invited many influential people, and everyone came to their current event."Julie, congratulations on your engagement." Julie's coworker Carla congratulated her. She came in a very fancy outfit and looked so elegant on her body.Not only Carla, but all the people who came there, indeed looked very attractive. They wore expensive clothes as well as luxurious jewellery."Carla, thank you for taking the time to come to our event." Julie greeted her with great pleasure.Julie continued to smile as people began to arrive. Of course, she thought everyone would be amazed that Julie could throw such a lavish engagement party in such an expensive hotel. She was also sure that the party would be the talk of the town in Severie."Of course I'll come." Carla gave a smile. Then she looke
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Chapter 7
Everyone suddenly panicked. Wildly when people dressed all in black stared at them one by one. The gaze was so creepy that it made their guts shrink. But Cesare looked very calm.There were five of them, and one of them came forward and showed a letter that he carried in his hand. "I have come to inform you that Ricky Torny, Julie Webster and Jolie Webster have been arrested."Of course, the three of them widened their eyes simultaneously. They had no idea who the five creepy people were, but they had suddenly come and handed them an arrest warrant."What the hell is this? You can't arrest us." Ricky tried to strengthen his guts to face the big muscular man."You've made a huge mistake. And the police have given orders to bring you in for immediate arrest." The big muscular man spoke very harshly and firmly. Every time he spoke, his neck veins were visible. And it looked terrifying."We don't even think we've committed a crime. You'd better get out of here!" Julie was so panicked that
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Chapter 8
Everyone there was excited. But they dared not interfere with their problem because it was so severe. All the invited guests also didn't expect that they could make the mistake of selling humans. "Damn! How did this whole thing get longer?" Ricky swore. He felt very annoyed at having to deal with such a difficult situation. "Ricky, I think we should ask your family for help. I'm sure the Torny family can handle this problem easily." Julie approached Ricky and whispered that to him. Ricky, who was already panicking, almost forgot that his family might be able to help him. "You're right. I think I should ask my family for help. We'll be out of trouble soon." Julie's suggestion gave the three of them great hope that they would be able to solve this problem soon. They were so fed up with the situation that it had become overwhelming. Ricky glanced at his parents, who were currently speechless. Both parents were still in shock over their son's case. And now, Ricky walked towards them.
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Chapter 9
Cesare sighed and smiled slightly. He was still folding his hands, only this time, his gaze was not only on Julie and Ricky but also on Jolie. He looked at them one by one until, finally, Cesare's gaze fell on Julie."I have been working very well and making the company grow very well." Cesare reminded Julie of that, but she folded her arms and looked away from him. Then Cesare spoke again, "I think I deserve half of your company."Julie would have been furious to hear Cesare say that again. She immediately gave Cesare an angry look and said, "hey, you should realize that you're just a loser who can't do anything. How can you say you work well? You never even work right!" Julie rejected everything Cesare said. Of course, Julie didn't want to acknowledge Cesare's performance even though she knew that Cesare had been very influential in her company's progress. Julie also didn't wish Cesare to take anything away from her. She had just felt free after her grandfather's death, but Julie d
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Chapter 10
Julie and Ricky were wide-eyed at Cesare's words. They were so angry that they almost forgot about the men in black, who were police officers who had come to arrest them."No, they'll never catch me because I'm not in any trouble!" Julie shouted and began to reassure herself that she would indeed be okay.Cesare sighed as he looked at Julie, who was still very stubborn. Even that woman was shameless and would never admit her mistakes.Cesare had had enough of arguing with both Julie and Ricky. Cesare directed his gaze at the two black-clad men who had been there watching everything. "Quickly take those two scum and arrest them."Before the two black-clad men could answer, Julie suddenly laughed very loudly. Ricky did the same."Do you think without any evidence they can take me to jail?" Julie now walked over and pointed at Ceare's chest. "Stop acting like an authority. You're just a loser. Did you sell your pride to pay off those people?" Julie ended her words by pushing Cesare's fie
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