Chapter 2590 Accusations Without Proof

In Europe Garden, João Paulo and Helen slept together and spooned on the double bed in their room, located on the second floor of the new house. They maintained a smile as if their dream was something pleasant.

However, what they enjoyed in dreams came to an end with the incessant ringing of the front doorbell.

João Paulo grunts and rubs his eyes. Helen grimaces and crawls under the blankets.

“I don’t want to go down, honey. Not now!” Helen grumbles.

“But who is bothering us so soon?” João Paulo asks without being aware that it’s already ten o’clock in the morning.

The doorbell rang again. Even though it imitated celestial bells, the fact that it was constantly pressed irritated the ears of the owners of the house.

João Paulo gets up and goes to the balcony so upset that he forgot he was naked.

When he appeared on the railing, he saw Sofia.

Sofia took a few steps back when she felt that she was being watched and visualized her new neighbor. Even though he was visible to her up to his
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