Chapter 2589 Yacht Melissa

Another day dawned in the glorious city of Lagoon City.

Beto has a pleasant surprise when he finds Benjamin in the lobby. The radio doesn’t stop playing, as per tradition, now playing the song “We Believe”, by Good Charlotte.

“This radio has no respite, huh? It’s the same device as when I lived here!”

Beto laughs, “And so it will continue, Ben. Something tells me the building will become haunted if I change the stereo or stop the tradition. My father was a very mischievous man.”

“OK, can we get down to business?” Benjamin deposits his documents on top of the counter.

“Why are you giving me your documents?” Beto narrows his eyes.

“You’re supposed to register me as a new resident here. I want to maintain my family tradition.”

Beto starts to laugh. Flávia comes down the stairs, wearing a pantsuit to work at the orphanage.

“Hello, little brother! What brings you here?”

Benjamin turns to her, “Hi, Flávia. I’m happy to meet you. I decided to live permanently close to you. You know, the kitc
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