Chapter 2602 Welcome Back, Rosemary

In the Teodoro Building, a party was taking place among the Reis family.

Rosemary enters the building after a few years away from her home. She is surprised that she has to ring the intercom.

“My God, I didn’t know the situation was so serious.”

When she entered the lobby, she felt strange with the radio turned off. Where’s the tradition?

“Dad? Tess? Pete? Anybody home?”

She decides to go straight to the apartment. When she opens the door...


Rosemary is so scared that she drops her bags. Everyone gets up from behind the sofa applauding and cheering at her return.

Beto is the first to hug her, “Welcome back, daughter! How wonderful to have you here!”

“Likewise, Daddy! I missed you so much!”

Teresa is the next to hug her, “I hope you don’t leave anymore, Rose.”

“I feel like my home is here, with my family and true friends.”

Pedro is the next to appear. Rosemary is amazed.

“PETE! You’re becoming a big man like our daddy! Do you want to be a bodybuilder?”

The hug Pedro gives R
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