Chapter 2640 Alan Is Decided

At Rocha Mansion, Josias is awaiting Hector’s pronouncement. The butler, in turn, is afraid to reveal what happened.

“Come on, Hector. I don’t have all day. Did something happen?” Josias insists.

“Mr. Rocha... There’s a buzz going on among the residents here. It’s about your son and his girlfriend. It looks like they’re going to take the next step.”

“Did they set an engagement date?” Josias is amazed.

“Yes. And Mrs. Rocha is worried because she wasn’t consulted. Would you, by any chance...?”

Josias shakes his head. No, he didn’t even know that Alan and Sofia made up!

“Where is your mistress?”

“In the master suite, boss.”

Josias nods and heads there.

Inside, he finds Melissa in a bathrobe, fresh from the shower and drying her hair with a hairdryer. Her contrite face was reflected in the dressing table mirror.

“Good evening, my dear.” Josias greets her.

“Good evening, my love.” Melissa answers him, “How was work?”

“It was good, as usual.” Josias takes off his suit and tie, “I hear the m
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