Chapter 2663 Caio Is Strong Like His Father

Josias finds the living room of Caio’s house in a normal state. The only thing different is that the sofas were pushed out so the paramedics could attend to Caio.

Brigitte couldn’t bear to see the blood and snuggled into her brother’s strong chest.

But, to Caio’s relief, such despair was not necessary.

“Officer Amoreira, don’t worry. The victim is alive but will need to be taken to the hospital. He was shot in the shoulder.”

Josias looked at the open living room window. “Wasn’t that an accurate shot?”

“Before we applied a sedative, Mr. Campos said that the shooter was at the gate.” The officer who first responded to the call informs the others of this.

“We’re ready to go.” Another paramedic arrived with the stretcher.

“Brigitte, go with them.” Dylan comforts her, “I need to stay and investigate here.”

“OK, little brother... get these bastards, please!” Brigitte asks through tears and walks away, following the paramedics and her unconscious boyfriend.

Josias takes a deep breath, mainta
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