Tale of the Triggered Man

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Tale of the Triggered Man

By: Twilight OngoingUrban/Realistic

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“For Vengeance is an emptiness and he that seeketh it wasteth himself”, the Oldman said stopping Roger by his hand, “Vengeance and Revenge mean only pain, you have already suffered enough child” In order to exact the revenge on those who had killed his parents, Roger took the path of Vengeance, planning and preparing to exact his revenge, he had come so long in the path that he was on the verge of losing himself. “Pain is only felt by the living, I am already dead, only vengeance can restore me, only victory can return my life to me” His words were met with the silence and the hand holding him slowly released the grip! Roger had come a long way to look back now. “Enjoy the final movements of peace. For I have returned to exact my vengeance, so shall we begin, Father-in-law?” He said looking at the man who was tied up to a chair with terrified looks on his face.

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  • Strange Guy


    Awesome story approach. Luv to read em every week.

    2022-07-06 01:12:21
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9 chapters
Chapter 01 - Matrilocal Son-in-law
“Will just shut up for a moment, Roger!” Hestia Taylor screamed at Roger in rage, before turning to leave. If you want to know what happened, let's just go back for an hour. Tonight was the 78th birthday banquet of James Taylor, The head of the Taylor family, all the branch families around the country had gathered along to celebrate the joyous occasion. Since the Head of the family, James Taylor is now getting old, it is just a matter of time before he chooses a new head as his successor, so everyone was trying their best good look in front of him and curry his favor. Many of the political leaders, businessmen, and some of the prominent figures of the country were also there to congratulate him. His children, grandchildren, and their spouses gathered around him to present their luxurious gifts. “Grandpa, Happy birthday! I have bought you the newest series of Mercedes Benz, please accept it” Joseph Moore, one of Hestia’s cousin's fiance said while pointing at the car which was
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Chapter 02 - The Dark King
Walking alone in the middle of a road looking at the crescent moon hanging in the sky, Roger sighed. He was tired of all this humiliation he was going throw. He took out the jade buddha that he had bought for Lord Taylor and looked at it with a slight smile. It was hard to tell if that smile was due to happiness or sadness. Roger had personally visited the auction the previous week and bought the buddha statue for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to gift it to Lord Taylor on his birthday, but he didn't expect the people there to treat him like that! More ṭhan the words of the Taylor family, what hurt him most was that his own wife didn't believe him. Just as he was bemoaning over that, his phone notification rang! Ding! [Pearl: Requesting presence] It was a short message, with two words from someone whom he added as Pearl. Seeing the message, his facial expression changed! He who was walking towards their home, turned around making his way towards a certain back alley. T
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Chapter 03 - Fate of Man who lost everything
“Why is this life so unfair?” A young man standing in the middle of the road under the heavy rain, socked wet, screamed facing the heavens! "I didn’t ask for riches, nor did I ask for assets. All I wanted was the warmth of a family, all I asked you is to be able to laugh like everyone else, was that too much to ask for you damn god?” His shouts echoed in the empty alleys and roads void of any human presence. “Why? Just Why? I just wanted to live like everyone else, so why? Why me? There are so many people out there? So why did you choose me, you bastard of a god?” Even the heavens seemed to be hiding behind the clouds not being able to answer him! He seemed in so much pain but there was no one beside him to console him. The clouds seemed to pity him seeing how they were weeping for him with the loud thunder and flashes of lightning. The agony and the despair of the young man continued in the heavy rain, that day no much how he screamed the gods didn’t respond to him! maybe they
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Chapter 04 - Chairman of the Emerald
The next morning, after making his own breakfast before anyone in the family was awake, Roger rode his bike to the Emerald group's office. He parked his bike on the side of Emerald's parking lot and made his way inside. Roger directly walked into the elevator, the gaurd noticed roger but it seemed like Merlin has already made the necessary arrangements as he just bowed to Roger. Roger who entered the elevator, pressed the button with the highest number which was the 9th floor, where the chairman's office was located. The door of the elevator closed and in a short time, he found himself in front of the 9th floor. Merlin had already made all the arrangements for him here at Emerald to take over as the Chairman and she personally had selected Pearl for the role of vice-chairman to further look into the business matters. Though she was unknown as Pearl inside the 'BlackStrom' organization, she had another identity in the outside world as Lilly. She had earned her reputation as a re
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Chapter 05 - Joseph's Disgrace
Just after Roger entered the Emerald company, A Porsche car was slowly parked in a spot beside just where Roger had parked his bike.A young couple got out of the car.The man was wearing a branded suit, looking somewhat handsome and the young lady with him was dressed in a flamboyant style, although not to the extent of Hestia, she was somewhat a beauty.As it turned out, the man was Joseph Moore and the lady was Hestia's cousin, Erza.comming directly inside Emerald's building, they directly went to the reception and asked the lady there if they have an appointment to meet with the chairman.The lady politely asked them to wait while she contacted the executives who work directly under the Chairman.But as it turns out, It seems that the Chairman was in a meeting with a VIP, so she politely asked joseph and Erza to wait and guided them to the waiting room.The Moore family always wanted to be a part of a shareholder in Emerald business but the problem was that the whole assent of th
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Chapter 06 - Emergency meeting
The announcement that the ownership of the Emerald has been changed and the news about how Emerald has cut all the ties with The Moore family shook the entire White bridge town. When the Taylor family heard about the news, they figured out that the reason that the ties with the Moore family has been cut off was probably that the new owner of the Emerald didn't think much of the Moore family. Rather than that, Lord Taylor was shaking with anger when the news reached his ears. He wanted to call off the marriage of Erza with Joseph at that exact movement but he knew that even if the Moore family had no ties with Emerald, they would still be stronger than the Taylors and without anything to guarantee, he couldn't lose the ties, so he could grit his teeth and bear it with for now. Back to the point, Even after all these changes, one question remains in everyone's mind. Who was the new owner of Emerald? He simply bought the Emerald which was worth more than 10 billion like it was noth
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Chapter 07 - A bet, was it a sure win or .......
Everyone had a shocked expression on their faces seeing the one who raised their hand because it was none other than the beauty of Taylor who volunteered for the job!! Well...Volunteered would be the wrong word since she had a more shocked expression on her face than everyone else in the conference room currently! It was when she was lost in her own world thinking about different things that everyone suddenly turned towards her with a shocked expression. She didn't know why they were looking at her, so she turned to look at Roger who was seated beside her. But what she saw was her husband holding up something when she saw what exactly he was holding up secretly from under the table, It was actually her own hand! Roger was holding up her hand secretly by supporting it under the table! Hestia was thunderstruck realizing why everyone was looking at her this shocked!! She wanted to pounce on Roger this movement holding his collar to ask 'What the hell are you doing, you mother fuc*e
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Chapter 08 - A Nightmare
It was a cemetery. Countless gravestones stood on the land, like swords stuck to the ground and the whole graveyard was surrounded by a board fence. Most of the headstones were no longer even legible. Grass and weeds grew rank over the whole cemetery. And in the middle of such cemetery stood a crowd of people. They were gathered around a burial hole that was dug out with a heap of sand just beside it. There were people crying and wailing on one side of the burial site and the people who were standing ideally, talking about something as if they were busy on the other side. And in the middle of all the wailing and talking was a boy, sitting just in front of the burial site with a corpse in front of him. By his appearance, he seemed to be about 10 or 11 years at most, but his eyes told otherwise. he was watching a corpse of a certain woman, who was covered in whole by white cloths. His eyes were indifferent as he watched the corpse of that woman, his expression was blank as if h
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Chapter 10 - You dare approach my woman!
"Huff...huff..." Roger woke up, his back was wet with sweat and his face looked like he just woke up from a nightmare. He was sweating profusely and seemed terrified at something! "Roger! Are you ok, what happened" Only now did he manage to look at the beauty beside him who was looking at him with a worried expression on her face. "Is it the same dream again? why won't you tell me anything about it?" She asked him in a pleading tone, it seemed like she was worried about him. It was just after she came out of the shower that Roger was mumbling something in his dreams, his face looked pale and he was sweating profusely. She was so scared that for a movement she almost screamed out loud. And it wasn't the first time this happened, she didn't exactly know why or what he was going through in his dreams but he often seem to have nightmares about something. No matter how much she asked him about those, he wouldn't say anything, which made her more worried. "I am fine" And just like
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