Chapter 2681 Octavio Spies on Conversations

At the Lagoon City police station, Amoreira was calmly reading the latest issue of Maggiezine when noises in the hallway took his attention. Angry voices approached.

Amoreira felt that the nervous people were going to enter his office and he stood up. He got it right; the door opened abruptly and some rookie police officers shoved Karen inside.

“You’re the celebrity police.” One of the newbies said, “So take care of this crazy girl.”

“Actually, I’m a detective, but—” The inexperienced police officers closed the door in Amoreira’s face.

Sighing, Amoreira turned to Karen who was snorting like a bitch. “Good afternoon, Miss! Why did they throw you into my office? I was reading the summary of the soaps...”

“Well then, I won’t bother you with your manly reading!” Karen got up intending to run away.

But Amoreira blocked her, placing himself in front of the door. “Ah-Ah! Nothing like that, miss! Now I’m detaining you for contempt of authority.”

“WHAT?” Karen doesn’t realize the danger of yel
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