Chapter 2680 Confessing How She Felt Since 1986

At Pizzeria Campos, William was very surprised to hear from Flávia that she was in love with him in the 80s.

“Flávia... I’m here blaming myself and criticizing myself for being interested in you even though you’re my cousin, and you confess to me that you felt the same way since we were young?”

“I know it sounds crazy, Will, but it’s the truth!” Flávia exclaimed passionately. “I always thought you were hot. You’re still! Even with your bad leg, even though you stopped playing soccer, even though you gained weight... you didn’t let it affect you. You started exercising again, you had a virile and attractive body again... you knew how to raise your son alone, without the evil influence of that Pamela... how could I not feel attracted to you, William Campos?”

William smiled when he was praised like that. “It’s been a long time since someone talked about me like that.”

“That’s because you’ve been doing a lot of nonsense,” Flávia responds between giggles. “Being an enemy of Josias wasn’t a
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